Gene H Shipman: Microporous sheet material, method of making and articles made therewith. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co, Donald M Sell, James A Smith, Richard Francis, September 3, 1985: US04539256 (298 worldwide citation)

A method of making a microporous material is provided which comprises the steps of melt blending crystallizable thermoplastic polymer with a compound which is miscible with the thermoplastic polymer at the melting temperature of the polymer but phase separates on cooling at or below the crystallizat ...

Timothy L Hoopman: Cube-corner retroreflective articles having wide angularity in multiple viewing planes. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, James A Smith, Roger R Tamte, May 13, 1986: US04588258 (298 worldwide citation)

Cube-corner retroreflective articles having improved angularity along multiple viewing planes are provided. The articles comprise at least one matched pair of cube-corner retroreflective elements which are rotated 180.degree. with respect to one another, the three lateral mutually perpendicular face ...

Timothy J Hall, Mark A Schwartz, Steven M Hamer: GPS-based traffic control preemption system. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Kari H Bartingale, July 23, 1996: US05539398 (292 worldwide citation)

A traffic control preemption system uses data received from a global positioning system (GPS) to determine whether a vehicle issuing a preemption request is within an allowed approach of an intersection. GPS signals are received and processed by the vehicle module to generate vehicle data, including ...

Donald A Kubik, Charles I Davis: Melt-blown fibrous electrets. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, Roger R Tamte, August 5, 1980: US04215682 (289 worldwide citation)

A persistent electric charge is introduced into melt-blown fibers during the melt-blowing process. When these charged fibers are incorporated into fibrous webs, they provide unique properties, including improved filtering properties.

Andrew J Ouderkirk, Lockwood W Carlson, Arthur L Kotz, Timothy J Nevitt, Carl A Stover, Michael F Weber, Richard C Allen, Biswaroop Majumdar: Diffusely reflecting polarizing element including a first birefringent phase and a second phase. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, John A Fortkort, October 20, 1998: US05825543 (287 worldwide citation)

An optical film with a disperse phase of polymeric particles disposed within a continuous birefringent matrix. The film is oriented, typically by stretching, in one or more directions. The size and shape of the disperse phase particles, the volume fraction of the disperse phase, the film thickness, ...

Ulrich Bloecher, Ernest J Duwell: Erodable agglomerates and abrasive products containing the same. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, David L Weinstein, January 24, 1989: US04799939 (285 worldwide citation)

Erodable agglomerates containing individual abrasive grains disposed in an erodable matrix comprising hollow bodies and a binder. The agglomerates are useful for coated abrasives and bonded abrasives. Abrasive products containing the agglomerates provide higher stock removal than abrasive products b ...

Douglas B Mains, Kenneth E Merte: Tibial osteotomy guide assembly and method. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, James A Smith, Robert W Hoke II, December 20, 1983: US04421112 (279 worldwide citation)

A method and guide assembly for use in a tibial osteotomy wherein two pairs of parallel guide pins are inserted into the tibia at a predetermined angle with respect to each other through a guide block. The adjacent surfaces of the pairs of pins are then used to precisely guide a saw by which a wedge ...

Russell J Redmond, Thomas F Banks, Alan J Solyntjes: Surgical stapling instrument. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, Walter N Kirn, Stephen W Bauer, September 5, 1989: US04863088 (279 worldwide citation)

A stapling instrument including two elongate structural members each comprising a handle part with a jaw part projecting from a first end. The structural members have pivot means at second ends of their handle parts adapted for free engagement and disengagement and relative pivotal movement of the s ...

Shih Lai Lu, Todd R Williams: Microstructure-bearing composite plastic articles and method of making. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Steven E Skolnick, December 29, 1992: US05175030 (274 worldwide citation)

A microstructure-bearing composite plastic article can be superior, both in microstructure and in physical properties, when it is a composite of a tough, flexible substrate, at a surface of which is microstructure formed of a cured oligomeric resin having hard segments and soft segments, which cured ...

Barbara E Kolpin, David C Brownlee: Sheet product containing sorbent particulate material. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, D M Sell, J A Smith, R R Tamte, January 31, 1984: US04429001 (270 worldwide citation)

New sorbent sheet products are prepared comprising a coherent web of entangled blown fibers prepared by extruding liquid fiber-forming material into a high-velocity gaseous stream and an array of super absorbent polymeric particles dispersed within the web.

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