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A flexible composite material is disclosed which exhibits a controlled absorption of microwave energy based on presence of particulate carbon in a polymeric matrix bound to a porous substrate. The material is used in packages for microwave cooking. A process for making the material is also disclosed ...

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Microwave absorber comprising a mixture of ferrite powder having particle size of less than 1.65 mm and an organic high molecular weight compound.

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An activated gas generator which comprises a microwave absorber containing, for example, water and surrounding a dielectric tube concurrently to absorb microwaves leaking along the dielectric tube and also cool it. The dielectric tube is formed in a gas pipe which extends through a microwave irradia ...

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1. A broadband microwave absorber comprising a sheet of magnetic ceramic material having the general formula, MOFe.sub.2 O.sub.3, in which Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 is present in an amount in the range of between about 65 and 80 percent by weight of said material and in which MO represents bivalent metal oxi ...

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A noiseless radar detector with a dielectric resonator to suppress stray electromagnetic radiation generated by a local oscillator within the radar detector is disclosed. The dielectric resonator acts as an RF microwave absorber/attenuator if the resonant frequency of the dielectric resonator corres ...

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Apparatus for heating and cooking a food product with a combination of microwave heating and convection heating. A food product is placed in a chamber, and microwave energy is introduced into the chamber to heat the food product directly. A microwave absorber is exposed to microwave energy and heate ...

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An electromagnetic wave absorbing material comprising as a conductive material hollow carbon microspheres which are prepared by the use of a coal-base or petroleum-base pitch material and which have a non-cohesive property with one another, and as a matrix a non-conductive material having a specific ...

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A microwave heating oven has a seal located in the path formed by a gap between the oven body and the oven door for preventing microwave leakage. The seal may comprise several seals, and includes a microwave absorber as one of the seals. The microwave absorber consists of a mixture of a powder of ma ...

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An electromagnetic radiation absorber is formed by dispersing into a dielectric binder acicular magnetic metallic filaments with an average length of about 10 micron or less, diameters of 0.1 micron or more, and aspect (length/diameter) ratios between 10:1 and 50:1. Preferably the average length is ...

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The present invention is a device for sealing the door of a self-cleaning combination thermal and microwave oven from microwave energy leakage. The invented device provides in combination a wavelength choke, a conductive gasket and a microwave absorber. The choke and gasket suppress the ISM band rad ...