Guang Hua Zhang: Method of selecting the best enroll image for personal identification. Sensar, Buchanan Ingersoll P C, November 2, 1999: US05978494 (85 worldwide citation)

A method is described for selecting an enrollment image or standard from multiple close-up images of a subject such as a human eye. The selected image is the one image that best represents the appearance of that subject to an image processing system which identifies subjects by comparison of later t ...

Steven M Hoffberg: System and method for determining contingent relevance. Steven M Hoffberg Esq, Ostrolenk Faber, November 14, 2017: US09818136

A system and method providing for communication and resolution of utility functions between participants, wherein the utility function is evaluated based on local information at the recipient to determine a cost value thereof. A user interface having express representation of both information elemen ...

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