LeRoy A White, William H Holley: Method of producing porous plastic materials. DeBell & Richardson, Chapin Neal and Dempsey, February 28, 1978: US04076656 (346 worldwide citation)

Method of producing porous synthetic plastic compositions by blending into a polymer at least about 45 volume percent of a plastic-insoluble, water soluble particulate material and a liquid at processing temperatures, capable of forming channels between the solid particles. The blend is then formed ...


Method of producing porous plastic materials. Debell & Richardson, November 5, 1975: GB1412983-A

1412983 Laminates DEBELL & RICHARDSON Inc 18 Oct 1972 [30 Nov 1971] 48023/72 Heading B5N [Also in Division C3] In Example 74 a sheet of polyethylene blended with potassium carbonate, polyvinyl methyl ether solution and a t-octyl phenol/ethylene oxide condensate was laminated to desized cotton print ...

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