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The invention relates to a method for producing a supported catalyst which contains metal, or a supported catalyst constituent which contains metal by impregnating a supporting material with an impregnating solution containing the metal constituent, whereby the impregnating solution flows through th ...

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Improved methods for reducing the amounts of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines involving the use of catalysts comprising a major amount of crystalline magnesium aluminate spinel. Improved catalysts as well as improved methods for mak ...

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A method for producing a supported catalyst useful in polymerization of ethylene and copolymerization of ethylene and &agr;-olefin is disclosed. The method includes treating the magnesium-containing carrier with a titanium compound containing oxygen atom(s), wherein said carrier is obtained by react ...


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A process for the preparation of a supported catalyst system, an inorganic carrier material being reacted with a metal compound of the formula

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Supported catalysts for decomposing ozone in gases, in particular for cleaning inhaled air, comprising metals and/or transition metal oxides, preferably hopcalite, as a catalytically active coating on foamed, open-pored organic polymer supports, such as open-called polyurethane polymer foams, a meth ...

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A platinum-bismuth catalyst for treating engine exhaust comprises an alumina carrier promoted with bismuth, the alumina carrier having a plurality of pores in which platinum metal particles are supported, where the platinum metal particles have been reduced in the pores of the alumina carrier. Also ...

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The present invention relates to a method for producing a supported catalyst, a catalyst which is obtainable using the method, and use thereof for the partial oxidation or ammoxidation of olefins, in particular for the oxidation of propene to acrolein, of isobutene to methacrolein, and/or the ammoxi ...

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Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a homogeneous supported catalyst for carbon nanotubes. Advantageously, the method induces deep impregnation of a catalyst in micro pores of a support by using high-temperature aging impregnation, thus providing a high CNT yield.

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Zur Herstellung eines Trägerkatalysators durch Aufbringen von Nichtedelmetall- und Edelmetallkomponenten auf einen keramischen Wabenkörper taucht man den keramischen Wabenkörper zunächst mindestens einmal in eine aus Pseudoböhmit und Zirkonoxidhydrat bestehende wässrige Suspension ein, trocknet den ...