Robin P Michelson: Method and apparatus for visual prosthesis. Townsend and Townsend, December 16, 1986: US04628933 (264 worldwide citation)

A visual prosthesis for blindness due to retinal malfunction includes a compact device having a close-packed array of photosensitive devices on one surface thereof. A plurality of electrodes extend from the opposed surface of the device and are connected to the outputs of the photosensitive devices. ...

Robert J Greenberg, Jerry Ok, Jordan Matthew Neysmith, Brian V Mech, Neil Hamilton Talbot: Method of manufacturing a flexible circuit electrode array. Second Sight Medical Products, Scott Dunbar, October 10, 2017: US09788432

Polymer materials make useful materials as electrode array bodies for neural stimulation. They are particularly useful for retinal stimulation to create artificial vision. Regardless of which polymer is used, the basic construction method is the same. A layer of polymer is laid down. A layer of meta ...

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