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A telephone system is disclosed for providing customized telephone services. A called customer can screen calls incoming to his station based on the identity of the calling line. The calling line's identity is forwarded to the switching office containing the called customer's screening memory. The m ...

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Callers to a number subscribing to a screening application are prompted that a fee will be charged for the connection to be completed. The prompting can occur at the initiation of the call, prior to any connection to the called party, or after the called party has had a chance to screen the call. Th ...

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Method and apparatus for screening telephone calls for use in conjunction with a telephone set as, opposed to a switch, which provides a capability of storing a telephone number for use in blocking calls from the telephone number, without the need for re-entering the telephone number.

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A remote audio monitor for use with a telephone answering device connected to a common telephone line enables the screening of an incoming telephone call from a remote location with respect to the answering device. The remote audio monitor monitors the changing DC voltage levels of the telephone lin ...