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A method and apparatus for delivering a medicine to a patient via the patient's respiratory system with control and efficiency. A nebulization catheter is positioned in the patient's respiratory system so that a distal end of the nebulization catheter is in the respiratory system and a proximal end ...

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A nebulizer component, interconnected in the inspiratory flow path, includes an interior chamber with a lower region for storing liquid medicine at system pressures and an upper region containing a nebulizer (jet atomizer and baffle) for periodically nebulizing the liquid medicine for producing a fo ...

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The invention relates to medicine specifically to medical technology, and concerns electrical gastro-intestinal tract and mucous membrane stimulators. The electrical gastro-intestinal tract stimulator comprises a casing (

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An automatic pill dispenser for dispensing medical pills having different prescribed administration schedules includes a plurality of pill storage compartments each capable of holding more than one pill, an automatic release mechanism for dispensing pills at predetermined time intervals correspondin ...

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A portable medication dispensing unit has several compartments for storing pills or other forms of medicine. The dispensing unit is programmed with a medication schedule which causes visual and audio signals when it is time for the medication to be consumed. The medication schedule is optimized to a ...

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A subassembly for use in a computerized medicine dispensing station is disclosed. The station has a cabinet for housing openable drawers in stacked arrangement containing dispensable pharmaceutical items. The subassembly includes a drawer having a base plate, side walls, and a front panel defining a ...

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A system for filling orders, such as prescriptions for patients, comprising a device for holding packages. Each package has the same type of contents being held in a predetermined location by the holding device. Each package has an identity which defines the contents therein. The holding device has ...

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A probe system for use in carrying out inspections in an enclosed, non-conducting environment, such as an endoscope for use in carrying out internal inspections of a human or animal patient, comprises sensing coils (7) mounted at spaced positions along the probe (6) for movement with the latter and ...

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This invention relates to a biodegradable collagen matrix having a pore size and morphology which enhances the healing of a wound. It further relates to a process for preparing the matrix. One embodiment of the invention comprises a biodegradable matrix which comprises collagen, hyaluronic acid and ...

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The present invention provides a method of PCR, methylation specific PCR (MSP), for rapid identification of DNA methylation patterns in a CpG-containing nucleic acid. MSP uses agents to modify unmethylated cytosine in a nucleic acid of interest, and then uses the PCR reaction to amplify the CpG-cont ...