Albert L Dessertine, Thomas P Hudson: Compliance and patient status monitoring system and method. Kenneth P Glynn, February 13, 1990: US04899839 (254 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a method of monitoring a patient's medicine compliance. It involves weighing a container of medicine to determine a starting weight on a scale which is connected to a computer with a display unit and storing the starting weight in the computer followed by reweigh ...

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The invention relates to a device to one end of which a syringe can be connected and to the other end of which the mouth or opening of a bottle containing a drug or medicine can be connected. The device comprises a closed chamber having enclosed therein a needle which is in connection with the syrin ...

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An ablation catheter system for treating tissues or atherosclerotic tissues of a patient having a retractable metallic element means comprising a deployable close loop with a running noose at its end, the ablation catheter providing RF therapy to the tissues through the retractable metallic elements ...

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This invention relates to a method for producing a cathodic, or reduction, current used in an in vivo semidifferential, semiderivative and/or semiintegral electrochemical method for achieving routine, reliable, and reproducible measurements of the dynamics of neurochemicals and neurochemical-like ma ...

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There is disclosed an improved prosthesis coated, respectively, with an anionic surfactant, a drug such as an antibiotic and/or antithrombotic agent. Optionally, the coated prosthesis may be treated with an ion exchange compound, to remove un-drug bound anionic surfactant. The drug is bound directly ...

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A conjugate of methotrexate to an antibody is prepared by loading methotrexate onto an aminodextran, then specifically conjugating the polymer carrier to the carbohydrate portion of an antitumor antibody, using a reduced Schiff base linkage. The conjugate is useful for tumor targeted therapy.

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A quantitative measurement system includes an external unit and an internal unit are provided for obtaining quantitative analyte measurements, such as within the body. In one example of an application of the system, the internal unit would be implanted either subcutaneously or otherwise within the b ...

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There is disclosed according to the present invention a method for the control of autonomic nerve function in a mammal comprising administering a therapeutically effective amount of botulinum toxin to the mammal. Preferred embodiments include administering the toxin to control the function of an aut ...

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An optical-based sensor for detecting the presence or amount of an analyte. The sensor has a sensor body which functions as a wave guide, with a source of radiation embedded therein. Radiation emitted by the source interacts with indicator molecules on the surface of the body. At least one optical c ...

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A plurality of organizers each formed with an arcuate support member upon which a selected number of suture holding devices are positioned in spaced relationship one to the other, are each designed to be disposed proximate an area of a body upon which surgery is to be performed to faciliate speedy a ...