Lars P K Petersen, Niels Aage B Hansen: Large dose pen. Novo Nordisk, Steve T Zelson Esq, James Harrington Esq, May 6, 1997: US05626566 (230 worldwide citation)

A pen shaped syringe for repetitive injection of individually set doses of a medicine from a cylinder ampoule reservoir comprises a dose setting member which may be rotated to cause a rotative movement of a dosing member and a combined rotative and axial movement of an indicator member indicating th ...

Shlomo Gabbay, Robert Frater: Suture organizer, prosthetic device holder, and related surgical procedures. Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Stephen E Feldman, Marvin Feldman, January 29, 1980: US04185636 (230 worldwide citation)

A plurality of organizers each formed with an arcuate support member upon which a selected number of suture holding devices are positioned in spaced relationship one to the other, are each designed to be disposed proximate an area of a body upon which surgery is to be performed to faciliate speedy a ...

Lisa B Shih, Frederick J Primus, Milton D Goldenberg: Tumoricidal methotrexate-antibody conjugate. Center for Molecular Medicine & Immunology, Bernhard D Saxe, October 13, 1987: US04699784 (227 worldwide citation)

A conjugate of methotrexate to an antibody is prepared by loading methotrexate onto an aminodextran, then specifically conjugating the polymer carrier to the carbohydrate portion of an antitumor antibody, using a reduced Schiff base linkage. The conjugate is useful for tumor targeted therapy.

Ergin Atalar, Paul A Bottomley, Elias Zerhouin, Henry Halperin, Elliot McVeigh, Albert C Lardo: Methods for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging. Johns Hopkins Unversity School of Medicine, Foley Hoag, April 15, 2003: US06549800 (224 worldwide citation)

The systems and methods of the present invention provide for MRI probes adapted for insertion into a plurality of body orifices, in order to evaluate the anatomy of proximate anatomic structures, to diagnose abnormalities thereof and to treat the diagnosed abnormalities. MRI probes are described tha ...

James S Burns, Daniel R Marshak: Inhalation device with a dose-timer, an actuator mechanism, and patient compliance monitoring means. Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, Whitham & Marhoefer, February 8, 1994: US05284133 (223 worldwide citation)

An inhalation device is provided with a mechanism to assure patient compliance with a drug dosage regimen. The control mechanism includes a controller (24), a timer (26), an actuator (28) and a signalling device (30). The controller (24) is programmed or preset with a time and dosage schedule for th ...

Daniel P Kuban, H Lee Martin, Steven D Zimmermann: Omniview motionless camera endoscopy system. TeleRobotics International, Pitts & Brittian, May 17, 1994: US05313306 (222 worldwide citation)

A endoscopic-type device for omnidirectional image viewing providing electronic pan-and-tilt orientation, rotation, and magnification within a selected field-of-view for use in applications in various environments such as in internal medicine inspection, monitoring, and surgery. The imaging device ( ...

Razgulov Mikhail Mikhailovich, Potekhina Lidia Alexandrovna, Mashinistov Boris Fedorovich: Device for the eversion of hollow organs and vascular stapling instrument incorporating same. Waters Schwartz & Nissen, September 30, 1975: US3908662 (222 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the field of medicine, and more particularly to vascular surgery, with particular reference to a device for the eversion of hollow organs and a vascular stapling instrument.According to the invention, a device for the eversion of hollow organs, comprising a bush, whe ...

Arthur E Colvin Jr: Optical-based sensing devices, especially for in-situ sensing in humans. Sensors for Medicine and Science, Rothwell Figg Ernst & Manbeck, October 16, 2001: US06304766 (219 worldwide citation)

An optical-based sensor for detecting the presence or amount of an analyte. The sensor has a sensor body which functions as a wave guide, with a source of radiation embedded therein. Radiation emitted by the source interacts with indicator molecules on the surface of the body. At least one optical c ...

Lily Chen Tu, Hosheng Tu: Ablation catheter and methods for treating tissues. September 26, 2000: US06123703 (216 worldwide citation)

An ablation catheter system for treating tissues or atherosclerotic tissues of a patient having a retractable metallic element means comprising a deployable close loop with a running noose at its end, the ablation catheter providing RF therapy to the tissues through the retractable metallic elements ...

Swaminathan Jayaraman: Delivery mechanism for balloons, drugs, stents and other physical/mechanical agents and methods of use. Iowa India Investments Company of Douglas, Pennie & Edmonds, May 2, 2000: US06056722 (214 worldwide citation)

The present invention preferably includes a balloon catheter for use with a guidewire. The catheter has a body with a balloon located thereon, preferably at the distal end. A lumen within the catheter body communicates with the interior of the balloon which can be inflated by known methods with sali ...

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