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A method and apparatus for treating obstructive sleep apnea and other disorders by the novel application of pressure varying from ambient pressure to external portions of a patient's neck, and a novel breathing mask and seal apparatus.

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A scavenging mask apparatus for administering gas to a patient, the apparatus comprising a nasal cannula for delivering gas to the patient's nostrils, a tube connecting the cannula to a source of gas, a nosepiece adapted to fit over the nose and cannula, and a tube connecting the nosepiece to a sour ...

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A gas delivery mask apparatus is provided. The mask apparatus may include a mask body, a face mask, and a bellows. The mask body may include a tube configured to extend upwardly adjacent a subject's forehead. The face mask may be configured to deliver gas to the subject and may include a flexible cu ...

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The present invention is a vibrational liquid-wave stimulating therapy mask apparatus for facial health and beauty care comprising a mask and a vibrating means. The mask is configured to substantially conform the general facial contour of a human face and completely cover the entire face of a user w ...

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A smoke mask comprises a transparent face shield covering a wearer's nose and eyes in a substantially airtight manner, and a replaceable air filtration cartridge system attached to the face shield and provided with a conduit leading into the mouth of the wearer, through which he breathes. Exhaled ai ...