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An apparatus for the anaerobic digestion of organic waste material such as manure in liquid condition include bringing the waste material in an acidification space with a roof collecting gas generated thereby and one or more openings below said roof giving access from said space to a methane ferment ...

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A process and apparatus for recovering valuable feed products from animal manure by adding water to the manure to form a slurry from which mineral matter, grain and fiber particles, proteineous material and water are recovered by successive slurry-forming and liquid/solid separation stages. The reco ...

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An antiblister mat, particularly adapted for raising broilers in a cage having a mesh floor on which broilers normally cannot be raised blister-free, in which the broilers are installed and breast or keel bone blisters are minimized, in which the mat is substantially resilient and comprises a plural ...

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An apparatus for the fixed-film anaerobic digestion of flushed livestock manure includes an enclosed digester tank (fixed or flexible roof), internal media for biofilm development, a biogas collection and flare system, various pumps, and hydraulic control systems. The preferred media has substantial ...

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An apparatus for attachment to the bucket of a front end loader, skip loader or any other power-operated bucket. The apparatus comprises a plurality of teeth supported in a frame that attaches to the bucket of a front end loader. The apparatus may be used to sort unwanted material, e.g., small and l ...

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Atmospheric conditions and environmental impact of swine rearing facilities re improved by adding alum (aluminum sulfate) in a swine manure processing system. In an embodiment, alum is added to flush water used to flush away manure which has temporarily collected on at least a portion of a floor of ...

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Liquid manure is deodorized and harmful gases removed therefrom by introducing formaldehyde and a peroxy compound into the manure one or more times.