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Biochemically degradable organic material, for example, animal waste matter, such as manure produced by hogs, sheep, cattle, chickens and humans is aerobically digested at thermophilic digestion temperatures to produce various digested products, including single cell proteinaceous material suitable ...

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The manure spreader includes a V-shaped hollow body having a longitudinally positioned impeller rotatively carried near its bottom. The impeller blades are arranged in oppositely generated helices to urge the manure both from the rear of the body and from the front of the body toward an outlet gate ...

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This invention provides a waste-processing system capable of processing high-solids wastes such as manure. This invention provides a compact U-shaped digester that allows for recycling of activated sludge to improve the efficiency of the process. Efficiency is also improved through a sludge heating ...

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A fork attachment for a loader bucket comprising a plurality of spaced apart teeth having a transverse plate means secured thereto rearwardly of the forward ends thereof. The plate means includes a rearwardly extending plate portion which is spaced above the teeth. An elongated angle member is secur ...

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The shovel, which is especially well adapted for picking up pet manure or other similar refuse, comprises a pair of clamshell scoops pivotally mounted on supporting arms at the lower end of an outer tubular shaft. The scoops are biased toward their closed position by means of springs. An inner shaft ...

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