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This invention discloses systems and methods for conversion of manure to novel fertilizer and/or soil builder products useful as input for organic farming operations. The equipment systems comprise a gas turbine generator unit (preferred heat source), a dryer vessel and a processing unit, wherein th ...

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The invention relates to a method for dephosphorizing manure, in particular pig manure, comprising of causing phosphate to dissolve, which phosphate is present at least partially in the form of phytate in the manure, separating the manure into a solid and a liquid fraction and removing the phosphate ...

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Agricultural waste material, including animal manure and crop wastes, are converted into proteinaceous animal feed products by a fermentation process using the fungus, Chaetomium cellulolyticum.

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A fork attachment for a loader bucket comprising a plurality of spaced apart teeth having a transverse plate means secured thereto rearwardly of the forward ends thereof. The plate means includes a rearwardly extending plate portion which is spaced above the teeth. An elongated angle member is secur ...

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The shovel, which is especially well adapted for picking up pet manure or other similar refuse, comprises a pair of clamshell scoops pivotally mounted on supporting arms at the lower end of an outer tubular shaft. The scoops are biased toward their closed position by means of springs. An inner shaft ...

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For conserving bedding material such as wood shavings when cleaning livestock environments such as horse stalls, a manure fork is combined with an air blower directed into the working region of the fork. The air flow is directed to blow the loose bedding material past the fork tines and onto surroun ...

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This invention provides a waste-processing system capable of processing high-solids wastes such as manure. This invention provides a compact U-shaped digester that allows for recycling of activated sludge to improve the efficiency of the process. Efficiency is also improved through a sludge heating ...

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An apparatus for mixing and pumping manure from a reservoir including an elongated frame adapted to be pivoted from a vehicle bed from a lying position to an upright position within a reservoir to be pumped. Pump means are provided at the base of said elongated frame communicating with a conduit ext ...

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An agricultural inoculant composition used as a seed, plant, foilar spray, field spray, and compost inoculant. The agricultural inoculant composition includes both a peat humus base composition having predetermined quantities of peat moss, leather meal, granite meal, Calcium Phosphate, tobacco meal, ...

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A biological denitrification is provided in which ammonium ion is used as an electron donor in the denitrification. The process may advantageously be used under conditions of high ammonium ion concentrations in waste water or to remove ammonium ion from manure, soil or surface water. Microorganisms ...