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A method for field growing crops using solid and liquid waste and apparatus for practicing the method. The field to be used is provided in side-by-side spaced relation with row-like growing areas defined by paired laterally spaced perforated side walls extending the full length of the growing areas. ...

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The invention relates to a method for preparing a granular fertilizer from manure, comprising the steps of:

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A method of controlling manure-breeding insects which comprises orally administering to a warm-blooded animal an insecticidally-effective amount of a compound of the formula ##STR1## wherein each X substituent is individually chosen from the group consisting of Cl, F, CH.sub.3, and OCH.sub.3 ; R is ...

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A modular flooring system for an animal housing is provided, the flooring being particularly suited to pig housings due to the structure of the flooring which minimizes spacings in which manure, and its attendant bacteria, could collect. A plurality of interconnecting interior and straight-edge pane ...

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Apparatus for removing manure from a manure pit or lagoon comprises an elongate screw-type auger having an inlet end which is inserted into the manure, and a suction hose from a vacuum wagon connected to the auger outlet. The combined action of the mechanical auger screw with the applied suction is ...

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The manure spreader includes a wheeled, V-shaped body having a longitudinally positioned impeller rotatively carried near the bottom of the V-configuration. The impeller blades are positioned on a multi-sided body and are arranged in oppositely generated helices to urge the manure both from the rear ...

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Organic waste material such as animal manure, spent mushroom compost, composted municipal wastes, sewage plant solids, and agricultural processing wastes are reclaimed and reusable by homogeneously mixing one or more of the organic wastes with a fly ash binder in weight ratios between about 20:1 and ...

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Biochemically degradable organic material, for example, animal waste matter, such as manure produced by hogs, sheep, cattle, chickens and humans is aerobically digested at thermophilic digestion temperatures to produce various digested products, including single cell proteinaceous material suitable ...

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A process of treating an animal manure slurry susceptible to aerobic composting and anaerobic microbiological degradation with the production of a fuel gas, comprises: separating the slurry into a first, solids concentrated, fraction of relatively coarse particle size, and a second, solids dilute, f ...

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The manure spreader includes a V-shaped hollow body having a longitudinally positioned impeller rotatively carried near its bottom. The impeller blades are arranged in oppositely generated helices to urge the manure both from the rear of the body and from the front of the body toward an outlet gate ...