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Compositions of insect regulators comprising monostearin, carnuba wax, barium sulfate, methoprene, and diflubenzuron are selectively formulated into a sustained-release bolus and orally administered to livestock to control the larvacidal activity of arthropods in the manure of the livestock.

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A fuel product derived from waste products and processes for using and forming the products are provided. Broadly, the fuel product comprises a self-sustaining body formed from a homogenous mixture including solid components derived from livestock waste (e.g., swine manure) and a second waste produc ...

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Noxious odors and water pollution commonly associated with the raising of hogs, cattle or poultry under confined conditions are eliminated by replacing the conventional waste lagoon and waste spreading fields with a wastewater treatment plant. The treatment plant extracts manure from the wastewater, ...

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This invention pertains to a bio-mass processing system, and method of processing waste bio-mass, wherein one or more mixers mixes a bed of bio-mass material such as manure at substantially any and all locations in a defined length and width portion of the bed, in a dryer. Heated air percolates upwa ...

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Cattle manure is mixed and batches are separately brought into the form of a coherent substantially homogeneous pulp with a moisture content between 50 and 55% by weight, by heating with exhaust gases, drying in an oven, admixing dry material, and spraying dry material with liquid manure recuperated ...

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An integrated continuous process for the production of ethanol and a bio-gas containing methane is disclosed. The process comprises the following steps. First, grain is fermented in an aqueous medium to produce ethanol in the medium which contains a wet distillers' grain with solubles as a wet ...

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A process for treating manure using anaerobic digestion includes introducing manure into a mixing vessel containing a digester liquid and agitating and filtering a slurry formed therefrom to remove substantially all water insoluble solids, thereby leaving a liquid containing ammonia and reactive org ...

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Heat energy is generated from low-grade alkaline fuels (such as manure and lignite) in a gasifier-combustor system. The fuel is gasified at a temperature of less than 900.degree. C. in a circulating fluidized bed gasifier comprising a first cyclone separator. The gas leaving the first separator is c ...

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This invention provides a waste-processing system capable of processing high-solids wastes such as manure. This invention provides a compact U-shaped digester that allows for recycling of activated sludge to improve the efficiency of the process. Efficiency is also improved through a sludge heating ...

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An improved feedlot floor and sub-floor construction for use in close confinement feeding of cattle and other farm animals. The floor includes a plurality of inclined solid plane floor surfaces sloping downward to floor slots connecting to sub-floor collector tubes or channels. Animal manure waste p ...