Joseph L Adams, Donald F Perry: Method and apparatus for separating and deliquifying liquid slurries. Eileen M McMahon, November 10, 1998: US05833851 (41 worldwide citation)

A screw press separator is provided herein for separating and deliquifying a slurry of solids and liquids e.g., a slurry of manure and water, or any other slurry of similar physical characteristics. The separator includes a cylindrical housing having a slurry inflow port. A cylindrical strainer bask ...

Peter F Santina, Anil K Chatterjee: Manure digester and power generating system. Santina and Thompson, Thomas M Freiburger, June 14, 1988: US04750454 (40 worldwide citation)

A manure digester and power generating system includes a mixing tank for receiving manure, a closed, anaerobic manure digester tank of fixed volume, and a gas-fueled engine and a generator coupled to the engine, for generating electrical power. Manure is scraped into the mixing tank daily, where it ...

Fernandes John Henry: Method of gasifying carbonaceous material. Combustion Engineering, Goettel Jr Frederick A, November 18, 1975: US3920417 (40 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is disclosed for generating a clean, low Btu fuel gas by the reaction of a carbonaceous fuel limestone mixture with oxygen and steam in a downdraft fixed bed gasifier. The product gas and slag are discharged from the lower end of the gasifier after having passed through an inc ...

Lennart G Erickson, Howard E Worne: Bio-protein feed manufacturing method. Townsend and Townsend, August 9, 1977: US04041182 (40 worldwide citation)

A five-step manufacturing method using broad spectrum hydrolytic enzymes to decompose the volatile fraction of organic waste materials into lower molecular weight, intermediate substrate nutrients to be consumed in turn by selected microorganisms to produce a cellular biomass of microbial cells subs ...

Elmo C Robinson: Method for producing suspension fertilizer. Michael Best & Friedrich, August 22, 1995: US05443613 (39 worldwide citation)

A high analysis suspension fertilizer containing predetermined amounts of nitrogen and other inorganic plant nutrients is produced from a low plant nutrient-containing organic material, such as animal manure or sewage sludge, by first preparing an aqueous initial suspension of the organic material b ...

Eugene M Dale, Jerry A Malstrom: Anaerobic digester for organic waste. Energy Harvest, McDougall Hersh & Scott, June 23, 1981: US04274838 (37 worldwide citation)

Organic wastes, such as animal manure, are fed into an elongated digester tank at one end thereof in slurry form. The slurry slowly moves to the other end of the tank for subsequent disposal. During the residence time in the tank decomposition of the waste occurs yielding methane gas and carbon diox ...

Joseph Solypa: Implement for collecting pet manure. Carver & Co, February 23, 1982: US04316627 (36 worldwide citation)

An implement for collecting pet manure and similar refuse has an elongate handle with a bottom end. A scoop is mounted at the bottom end of the handle and has a bottom edge. The implement has a cover and means for moving the cover to cover the scoop. A plurality of adjacent, parallel members extend ...

Shaun A Seymour, Linwood H Bowen, Carl E Bohman, John H Posselius: Site-specific control system for manure spreader. New Holland North America, Griffin & Szipl P C, July 25, 2000: US06092745 (36 worldwide citation)

A material spreader comprising a mobile tank for receiving and discharging waste material, such as manure. The spreader includes a conveying assembly comprising one or more augers rotatably mounted in the tank for conveying material received in the tank to a discharge area. An opening in the vicinit ...

Carlson Lee Gerald, Ronsen Gustav A: System for processing wastes. Babson Bros Co, November 20, 1973: US3773659 (35 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system for biodegrading manure or similar waste products from animal subjects such as human beings, cows, steers, swine, chickens or other domestic animals. The manure is introduced as mixed solid and liquid waste into a holding tank and water is added as needed. The ...

John A Miller, Murray L Beadles, Roger O Drummond: Sustained release bolus formulations containing insect growth regulators for control of livestock pests. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of Agriculture, M Howard Silverstein, David G McConnell, Salvador J Cangemi, August 28, 1979: US04166107 (35 worldwide citation)

Compositions of insect regulators comprising monostearin, carnuba wax, barium sulfate, methoprene, and diflubenzuron are selectively formulated into a sustained-release bolus and orally administered to livestock to control the larvacidal activity of arthropods in the manure of the livestock.

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