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Liquid manure is deodorized and harmful gases removed therefrom by introducing formaldehyde and a peroxy compound into the manure one or more times.

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Animal manure is removed from a bedding material consisting of compacted and compressed pelletized sawdust particles or granules of relatively uniform size by a pellet fork specifically designed to enable the pellets or particles to sift through the tines of the fork while retaining all but the tini ...

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A rock picker and material loader attachment is pivotally mounted to a loader scoop or bucket and extends longitudinally forward therefrom. A plurality of teeth form the leading surface of the attachment during digging and loading operations. Also adjacent the bucket and support bar is a laterally e ...

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A fermented manure-based fertilizer material free from solid foreign bodies is mechanically treated, by grinding and/or crushing, with the addition of pre-dried material, to provide a homogeneous and durable pulp with a water content of about 60 - 70% by weight. This pulp is then granulated into gra ...

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An apparatus for use in removing manure and bedding from animal stalls especially in horse barns comprising a movable floor engagement belt that is adapted to be pulled along the floor in one direction transporting accumulated debris out of the barn and in the opposite direction to reposition across ...

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A process is described for recovering the protein values from animal manure, particularly cattle, pigs and poultry, for reuse as animal feed. The process involves the use of an anaerobic digester to provide methane gas for combustion and use for heating and powering the facility including a radio wa ...

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A manure agitation system directed to an open top tank for storage of manure slurry. A gate valve is located in the floor of the tank which can be opened from outside the tank to draw manure slurry from the inside of the tank through a piping system and pump assembly and flow it under pressure throu ...

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A composting container for holding and composting farming and stock raising waste material including a barrel, and top and bottom lids openable. The circumference of a lower half portion of the said barrel of the container is tightened by bands. This arrangement helps the container efficiently ferme ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a treating method by which organic waste such as an excretion, a sewage sludge or a food residue is fermented in a short period without generating malodor and a completely matured manure of a good quality can easily be manufactured, and an apparatus using this method ...

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Malleable material, such as manure, and municipal sludge, food waste, and the like, is dried and the average particle size of the material is reduced in a simple and effective manner without the use of an external heat source. The material with a first moisture content and average particle size is f ...