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Display devices incorporating shutter-based light modulators are disclosed along with methods of manufacturing such devices. The methods are compatible with thin-film manufacturing processes known in the art and result in displays having lower power-consumption.

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A method for displaying a visual process signature for ready visual recognition and communication of otherwise complex manufacturing process information. Process data may be stored in a plurality of data stores, each data store holding a plurality of records containing process data, each record asso ...

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The present invention provides methods, devices, systems, and instruments related to medical implants and surgical instruments produced to precisely fit individual subjects. In particular, the present invention utilizes a combination of medical imaging, quantitative image analysis, CAD, CAM, and add ...

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The present invention relates to a USB structure with a protection device, especially applying to a USB connector structure without traditional cap but still with protection function. The present invention adopts simple mechanism, spring and positioning structure, pivotal structure and rotational st ...

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Nanostructured non-equilibrium, non-stoichiometric materials and device made using the nanonostructured non-equilibrium non-stoichiometric materials are provided. Applications and methods of implementing such devices and applications are also provided. More specifically, the specifications teach the ...

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A method and system are described to reduce process variation as a result of the semiconductor processing of films in integrated circuit manufacturing processes. The described methods use process variation and electrical impact to modify the design and manufacture of integrated circuits.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of manufacturing a high-performance thin-film transistor which can apply a thin-film transistor having an oxide principally containing a zinc oxide (ZnO) as a semiconductor thin-film layer (active layer) to a liquid crystal display device or an organic elect ...

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Several embodiments of integrated circuit probe card assemblies are disclosed, which extend the mechanical compliance of both MEMS and thin-film fabricated probes, such that these types of spring probe structures can be used to test one or more integrated circuits on a semiconductor wafer. Several e ...