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A high-yield printhead where density unevenness is surely corrected taking into consideration various factors related to manufacturing processes of the printhead, a printer utilizing the printhead, and an apparatus and method for correcting print density unevenness by the printhead, are provided. Ac ...

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The invention includes block molds and manufacturing processes as well as a composite masonry block comprising a block body having an irregular trapezoidal shape and comprising a front surface and a back surface, an upper surface and a lower surface, and first and second sidewalls. Both the first an ...

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An impedance control circuit is provided which controls the output impedance of drivers which are coupled to the impedance control circuit. Accordingly, a desired driver output impedance can advantageously be established and maintained over a wide range of variations in operating conditions and manu ...

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To obtain a liquid crystal display device which has no leakage of light and has excellent contrast in the minimum number of manufacturing processes. To obtain cell gap Ga on the array panel 12, first projecting sections 38A are formed in a black matrix 38, and, on the color filter panel 13, second p ...

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An alignment mark comprising a first test zone and a second test zone for measuring the relative position between different layers of a semiconductor device. The alignment mark is used to determine the overlay error between layers of a semiconductor wafer while minimizing measurement inaccuracies ca ...

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The present invention comprises a device for production control and a method for production control for setting optimal priorities according to production conditions that may vary from moment to moment. According to the invention, a control means produces production instructions information accordin ...

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An apparatus for matching the variable impedance of a load with the fixed impedance of a radio frequency (RF) power generator to provide maximum power transfer. The impedance matching network further allows an RF power generator to vary the frequency of the voltage applied to a load, e.g., a plasma ...

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An expandable baffle for sealing a cavity of an automobile is provided. The baffle includes a thermally expandable sealing material which has an expansion temperature similar to the temperatures achieved in specific stages of the automotive manufacturing processes (e.g., the paint bake stage). The i ...

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The present invention relates to improved optical structures, related manufacturing processes and assemblies incorporating the improved optical structures. In at least one embodiment accurate light source color information is provided throughout substantially the entire associated field of view.

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A method for displaying a visual process signature for ready visual recognition and communication of otherwise complex manufacturing process information. Process data may be stored in a plurality of data stores, each data store holding a plurality of records containing process data, each record asso ...