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A luminaire shield, particularly for protecting street lights from breakage by vandals includes a laminate plate mounted in spaced relationship from the lens of the luminaire. Heat can thereby escape between an air gap and between the light source housing and the shield, and the shield extends beyon ...

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A transparent hemispherical shield formed of polycarbonate resin protects a light-diffusing lens mounted in an aperture in the door of a conventional streetlight. The shield has an inwardly projecting flange disposed in a diametral plane and defining an aperture of approximately the same size and sh ...

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A shield is provided for a luminaire or street lamp of the type which includes an open-bottom housing for a light source and a lens-bearing door movably mounted on the housing for closing the bottom thereof and mounting a lens below the light source. The shield is formed of an overlapping pair of su ...

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Shield device for outdoor luminaires to prevent entry of birds into the interior. The device comprises a generally U-shaped stiff plastic sheet which is permanently attached to the luminaire mounting device and substantially covers an opening at the rear of the luminaire adjacent its pipe support. T ...