Stephan Frank: Logistics management method and system. Sap, October 26, 2005: EP1588257-A2

Embodiments of the present invention relate to logistics management software. The software includes a user interface configurable to receive inputs relating to logistics operations in user-defined language.

卢明: 产品分配辅助系统. 北京正辰科技发展有限责任公司, December 1, 2010: CN200910086011.5


Tian Zhen: Radio crane guiding system. Anshan Crane Control Equipment, kongjin man wangchang qian, June 27, 2007: CN200610134784

The present invention relates to automatic logistics management technology for large warehouse in iron and steel enterprise, and is especially one kind of radio crane guiding system for guiding and monitoring the warehousing, shifting and delivering jobs. The radio crane guiding system includes grou ...


Liang Qinglin, Chen Xuantong, Liu Wenhan: Logistic management method and management system. Inventec Corporation, shouning zhanghua hui, April 30, 2008: CN200610149865

The invention relates to a logistics management method which includes the following steps: firstly, providing information of a first batch of material at least containing a first value corresponding to number of the first batch of material and information of a second batch of material at least conta ...

Fan Zhongming: Method for implementing real-time cargo tracing and monitoring based on logistics management platform. Shanghai Bola Software, wangji, December 10, 2008: CN200710041614

The invention relates to a real time tracking and monitoring method of cargo based on a logistics management platform, which comprises the following procedures: the system reads the information on a bar code corresponding to the cargo via a bar code reading terminal; then, the information of bar cod ...

Li Bijun, Li Xuedong, Ouyang Zhexue: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) based cold-chain logistics management system. Wuhan Win Win Information Technology, July 14, 2010: CN201010102252

The invention discloses an RFID based cold-chain logistics management system (100) which comprises a monitoring center platform (301) arranged in a monitoring center and intelligent terminals (302) arranged in all cold-chain vehicles. The monitoring center platform (301) receives and saves data uplo ...


Wang Li: Supply chain service platform of medical appliance and control method thereof. Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group, Zhang Weiqiang, July 7, 2010: CN201010137041

The invention discloses a supply chain service platform of a medical appliance and a control method thereof. The platform is connected with a hospital information system and a supplier information system, and comprises an inventory module, an order generating module, a first judging module, a delive ...

Xiao Gan: Logistics management method and device for engineer procure construct project. Zhongye Changtian International Engineering, Dai Changmeng, Wang Baojun, April 28, 2010: CN200910223477

The invention discloses a logistics management method for engineer procure construct project, comprising the following steps: receiving the basic information of a device in a packing box and the engineering design paper information corresponding to the device so as to generate a device code; receivi ...

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