Wang Li: Supply chain service platform of medical appliance and control method thereof. Shanghai Kindly Enterprise Development Group, Zhang Weiqiang, July 7, 2010: CN201010137041

The invention discloses a supply chain service platform of a medical appliance and a control method thereof. The platform is connected with a hospital information system and a supplier information system, and comprises an inventory module, an order generating module, a first judging module, a delive ...

Xiao Gan: Logistics management method and device for engineer procure construct project. Zhongye Changtian International Engineering, Dai Changmeng, Wang Baojun, April 28, 2010: CN200910223477

The invention discloses a logistics management method for engineer procure construct project, comprising the following steps: receiving the basic information of a device in a packing box and the engineering design paper information corresponding to the device so as to generate a device code; receivi ...

Wu Zhengfu: Antenna of ultrahigh frequency radio frequency transponder. Arizon RFID Technology, Zhang Rongliang, June 9, 2010: CN200910266640

The invention relates to an antenna of an ultrahigh frequency radio frequency transponder, in particular to a transponder antenna for UHFRFID electronic tag, which belongs to the technical field of ultrahigh frequency radio frequency transponders. In the invention, a conductor pattern extending on b ...

Zheng Jinke, Wu Yue, Zhang Yaoli, Chen Jing, Du Zhiping: Encoding identifier bit storage method. Beijing Wuzi University, Zheng Limeng, January 20, 2010: CN200910090822

The invention discloses an encoding identifier bit storage method, which belongs to the field of logistics management. The method comprises the steps of setting coordinate axes which correspond to a warehouse at the warehouse, dividing the interior of the warehouse into a plurality of storage bits a ...

Chen Conghua, Huang Xihuang, Tang Yiming, Yang Lei: Remote wireless real-time acquisition method of bar code data. Xiamen Yaxon Networks, Li Yanxiang, Lian Yaozhong, July 14, 2010: CN200910110834

The invention discloses a remote wireless real-time acquisition method of bar code data, which comprises the following steps: acquiring the bar code data by using a bar code scanning module in a PDA terminal; obtaining longitude and latitude information and GPS time information of the current positi ...

Chen Xiaorong, Qu Tiezhu, Xia Chunlei, Zhang Lei: ZigBee-based wireless hand-held bar code scan terminal. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Ning Zhihua, May 12, 2010: CN200910198725

A ZigBee-based wireless hand-held bar code scan terminal comprises an image sensor, a controller, a storage, a ZigBee wireless communication module and a power module, wherein the image sensor is used for scanning bar codes and outputting bar code image data; the controller is used for receiving and ...

Li Bijun, Li Xuedong, Ouyang Zhexue: Cold-chain logistics management system. Wuhan Win Win Information Technology, Sun Haochen, Zhu Shiding, June 2, 2010: CN200910169380

The invention relates to a cold-chain logistics management system which comprises a monitoring center system and a vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal, wherein the monitoring center system and the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal are linked with Internet through a GPRS network; an architecture ...


Mcglade Mark, Puleston David J, Skarke Lars, Boesch William R: Tracking and logistics management system and method. Marconi, Envirotainer Holding, October 8, 2003: EP1350197-A2

A system for tracking containers for customer shipments using services from third party service providers, comprising a host management system. The host management system allows third party service providers and customers to enter in accounts containing information including preferences for shipping ...

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