Shih Wen Liao: Active radio frequency identification device. WAYS TECHNICAL, Jackson IPG PLLC, Demian K Jackson, July 25, 2017: US09715651

An active RFID device includes at least one solar cell, and the solar cell includes: a substrate; a first conductive layer, disposed on the substrate; an electron supplying layer, disposed on the first conductive layer; an electron receiving layer, disposed on the electron supplying layer; and a sec ...

Nobuo Ikemoto: Wireless communication module and communication terminal apparatus incorporating the same. Murata Manufacturing, Keating & Bennett, October 17, 2017: US09793600

A wireless communication module includes a multilayer structure including a magnetic block and at least one non-magnetic layer stacked on the magnetic block, the magnetic block including at least one magnetic layer, at least one inductor element disposed at the magnetic block, and an antenna coil di ...

Arun Srinivasan: 3D model and beacon for automatic delivery of goods. Nokia Technologies Oy, Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo P C, December 26, 2017: US09852392

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for drone delivery of products. In one aspect there is provided a method, which may include selecting, at a user equipment, a product; and selecting, by the user equipment, a three-dimensional location where a drone deposits th ...

Brandon Jay Gilbert, Steven Wyatt Pharis, James Quinn, David Alan Treadway: Kiosk for energy industry logistics. PHI, Garvey Smith Nehrbass & North L L C, Seth M Nehrbass, Mark N Melasky, February 21, 2017: US09576256

An automated kiosk and related apparatus provide check-in and boarding services to energy sector passengers, such as helicopter passengers. Preferably, the kiosk and related apparatus can take and store a picture of the passenger, calculate and/or measure the weight of the passenger and the passenge ...

Fuqiang Han, Patrick Bian Wu: Limiter circuit capable of continuously adjusting amplitude of rectified signal and passive radio frequency tag. Wayne & Ken, Tony Hom, October 17, 2017: US09792540

In the present invention, by connecting a band-gap reference voltage module unit to a threshold unit of a limiter circuit, the ON-voltage of the threshold unit can be dynamically and continuously controlled; and the output voltage value of the band-gap reference voltage module unit can be arbitraril ...

Michael Robustelli, Dror Moshe: Device and method of sound interference avoidance. Symbol Technologies, December 5, 2017: US09838530

A device and method of sound interference avoidance is provided. The device includes: a speaker; an electronic component; a memory storing data defining a plurality of different sounds associated with a given action at the electronic component; a communication interface; and, a controller configured ...

Patrick Bian Wu, Xingyi Wang, Lingli Zhou, Fuqiang Han, Shehu Qi, Yuanming Luo: Temperature measurement and calibration circuit, passive radio frequency identification tag and method for measuring temperature. Wayne & Ken, Tony Hom, March 13, 2018: US09915571

The present invention relates to the field of radio frequency identification, in particular to a temperature measurement and calibration circuit and a passive radio frequency identification tag. Meanwhile, the present invention further relates to a method for performing temperature measurement by us ...

Stephan Frank: Logistics management method and system. Sap, October 26, 2005: EP1588257-A2

Embodiments of the present invention relate to logistics management software. The software includes a user interface configurable to receive inputs relating to logistics operations in user-defined language.

卢明: 产品分配辅助系统. 北京正辰科技发展有限责任公司, December 1, 2010: CN200910086011.5


Tian Zhen: Radio crane guiding system. Anshan Crane Control Equipment, kongjin man wangchang qian, June 27, 2007: CN200610134784

The present invention relates to automatic logistics management technology for large warehouse in iron and steel enterprise, and is especially one kind of radio crane guiding system for guiding and monitoring the warehousing, shifting and delivering jobs. The radio crane guiding system includes grou ...

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