Zheng Jinke, Wu Yue, Zhang Yaoli, Chen Jing, Du Zhiping: Encoding identifier bit storage method. Beijing Wuzi University, Zheng Limeng, January 20, 2010: CN200910090822

The invention discloses an encoding identifier bit storage method, which belongs to the field of logistics management. The method comprises the steps of setting coordinate axes which correspond to a warehouse at the warehouse, dividing the interior of the warehouse into a plurality of storage bits a ...

Chen Conghua, Huang Xihuang, Tang Yiming, Yang Lei: Remote wireless real-time acquisition method of bar code data. Xiamen Yaxon Networks, Li Yanxiang, Lian Yaozhong, July 14, 2010: CN200910110834

The invention discloses a remote wireless real-time acquisition method of bar code data, which comprises the following steps: acquiring the bar code data by using a bar code scanning module in a PDA terminal; obtaining longitude and latitude information and GPS time information of the current positi ...

Chen Xiaorong, Qu Tiezhu, Xia Chunlei, Zhang Lei: ZigBee-based wireless hand-held bar code scan terminal. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Ning Zhihua, May 12, 2010: CN200910198725

A ZigBee-based wireless hand-held bar code scan terminal comprises an image sensor, a controller, a storage, a ZigBee wireless communication module and a power module, wherein the image sensor is used for scanning bar codes and outputting bar code image data; the controller is used for receiving and ...

Li Bijun, Li Xuedong, Ouyang Zhexue: Cold-chain logistics management system. Wuhan Win Win Information Technology, Sun Haochen, Zhu Shiding, June 2, 2010: CN200910169380

The invention relates to a cold-chain logistics management system which comprises a monitoring center system and a vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal, wherein the monitoring center system and the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal are linked with Internet through a GPRS network; an architecture ...


Mcglade Mark, Puleston David J, Skarke Lars, Boesch William R: Tracking and logistics management system and method. Marconi, Envirotainer Holding, October 8, 2003: EP1350197-A2

A system for tracking containers for customer shipments using services from third party service providers, comprising a host management system. The host management system allows third party service providers and customers to enter in accounts containing information including preferences for shipping ...

Laschke Christian, Zivkovic Tomislav: On-board vehicle terminal and associated logistics management system. Daimler Chrysler, August 23, 2006: EP1692677-A1

The invention relates to an on-board vehicle terminal for a logistics management system, comprising a display unit (8), an on-board computer (6) for collecting and preparing relevant data, a communication unit (8) for exchanging data with an assigned planning centre (2), which transmits job data rec ...

Chih Hung Chien: Interactive logistics management method. Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, August 19, 2004: US20040162767-A1

An interactive logistics management method is disclosed to build multiple Web sites and employs lot ids to connect the information in these Web sites to provide the basis for logistics handling, tracking and management.

Wen Xin Yang, Wenbo Mao, Sheng Chi Luo: Logistics management system and method. Wei Te Chung, Foxconn International, December 16, 2004: US20040254826-A1

A logistics management system includes a number of client computers (10), a provider application server (12), a number of business unit application server (16) and a database (14). The client computers provide interfaces for users to initialize the system and maintain information. The provider appli ...

Frank Stephan: Logistics management method and system. Kenyon & Kenyon, January 20, 2005: US20050015314-A1

Embodiments of the present invention relate to logistics management software. The software includes a user interface configurable to receive inputs relating to logistics operations in user-defined language.

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