Tae Jin Lee, Chul Wan Park, Ji Hyoung Ahn: Method for recognizing tag in environment using same frequency band and NFC device for the same. RESEARCH & BUSINESS FOUNDATION SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY, NSIP Law, January 17, 2017: US09547781

A method for recognizing a tag in an environment where the same frequency band is in use and an NFC device for the same are provided. Depending on whether a radio channel is in use, the NFC device changes a first operation mode to a second operation mode, requests slot assignment for tag recognition ...

Biju Balachandran, Niraj Kumar: Managing an application modification process. SAP SE, Fish & Richardson P C, January 10, 2017: US09542171

Techniques for managing application maintenance include receiving, from a user in an on-premise computing environment that includes a client landscape, a request to perform an application maintenance process for an application operable in the client landscape; initiating a communication to an on-dem ...

Robert Glen Lyon, Mark Westover: Warehouse conveyor. Hoj Engineering & Sales Co, Thorpe North & Western, August 22, 2017: US09738450

A warehouse conveyor system can include an input conveyor path for conveying a parcel toward an inventory picking area. An input conveyor switch can divert the parcel from the input conveyor path to a predetermined pick zone for fulfillment. An output conveyor path can convey the parcel from the pic ...

Ami Heitner, Irena Kull, Amit Yaniv, Pavel Sosin, Sergio Rozenszajn, David Boaz: Object-based information collection in operation performance. SAP SE, Fish & Richardson P C, April 18, 2017: US09626643

A method to be performed in a computer system in association with initiating a physical operation includes receiving a request object that corresponds to a request to initiate a physical operation. The method includes generating, using the request object, an information collection object configured ...

Bluth Roland, Dillmann Markus, Huebner Reiner, Neumann Bernd: Method and system for controlling the processing of logistics business processes and logistics management system. Siemens, February 14, 2007: EP1752923-A1

The method involves modeling a business process as an event-controlled process chain and defining order-relevant, supply-relevant and cash flow-relevant functions in the chain. The execution of the chain takes place on two computer systems (2, 3) operated independently. The execution of the order an ...

Mark Roady: Medical case scheduling, logistics management and associated data management. Luis M Ortiz, Kermit D Lopez, Melissa Silverstein, April 16, 2013: US08423377

Methods and systems enable the electronic scheduling of medical procedures. Schedulers log into a scheduling system to electronically submit medical procedure requests. Requests include entry of patient data together with at least one of: procedure date, procedure place, procedure time, required equ ...

Aleks Göllü: System and method for determining and controlling status and location of an object. PINC SOLUTIONS, Michael A Glenn, Perkins Coie, March 14, 2017: US09592964

Techniques are described with regard to determining and controlling a location and status of assets directly and/or indirectly. The techniques may be used to track and control the respective locations and status of any number of objects. Applications include but are not limited to tracking dry and r ...

Shih Wen Liao: Active radio frequency identification device. WAYS TECHNICAL, Jackson IPG PLLC, Demian K Jackson, July 25, 2017: US09715651

An active RFID device includes at least one solar cell, and the solar cell includes: a substrate; a first conductive layer, disposed on the substrate; an electron supplying layer, disposed on the first conductive layer; an electron receiving layer, disposed on the electron supplying layer; and a sec ...

Brandon Jay Gilbert, Steven Wyatt Pharis, James Quinn, David Alan Treadway: Kiosk for energy industry logistics. PHI, Garvey Smith Nehrbass & North L L C, Seth M Nehrbass, Mark N Melasky, February 21, 2017: US09576256

An automated kiosk and related apparatus provide check-in and boarding services to energy sector passengers, such as helicopter passengers. Preferably, the kiosk and related apparatus can take and store a picture of the passenger, calculate and/or measure the weight of the passenger and the passenge ...

Stephan Frank: Logistics management method and system. Sap, October 26, 2005: EP1588257-A2

Embodiments of the present invention relate to logistics management software. The software includes a user interface configurable to receive inputs relating to logistics operations in user-defined language.

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