Biju Balachandran, Niraj Kumar: Managing an application modification process. SAP SE, Fish & Richardson P C, January 10, 2017: US09542171

Techniques for managing application maintenance include receiving, from a user in an on-premise computing environment that includes a client landscape, a request to perform an application maintenance process for an application operable in the client landscape; initiating a communication to an on-dem ...

Ami Heitner, Irena Kull, Amit Yaniv, Pavel Sosin, Sergio Rozenszajn, David Boaz: Object-based information collection in operation performance. SAP SE, Fish & Richardson P C, April 18, 2017: US09626643

A method to be performed in a computer system in association with initiating a physical operation includes receiving a request object that corresponds to a request to initiate a physical operation. The method includes generating, using the request object, an information collection object configured ...

Bluth Roland, Dillmann Markus, Huebner Reiner, Neumann Bernd: Method and system for controlling the processing of logistics business processes and logistics management system. Siemens, February 14, 2007: EP1752923-A1

The method involves modeling a business process as an event-controlled process chain and defining order-relevant, supply-relevant and cash flow-relevant functions in the chain. The execution of the chain takes place on two computer systems (2, 3) operated independently. The execution of the order an ...

Mark Roady: Medical case scheduling, logistics management and associated data management. Luis M Ortiz, Kermit D Lopez, Melissa Silverstein, April 16, 2013: US08423377

Methods and systems enable the electronic scheduling of medical procedures. Schedulers log into a scheduling system to electronically submit medical procedure requests. Requests include entry of patient data together with at least one of: procedure date, procedure place, procedure time, required equ ...

Aleks Göllü: System and method for determining and controlling status and location of an object. PINC SOLUTIONS, Michael A Glenn, Perkins Coie, March 14, 2017: US09592964

Techniques are described with regard to determining and controlling a location and status of assets directly and/or indirectly. The techniques may be used to track and control the respective locations and status of any number of objects. Applications include but are not limited to tracking dry and r ...

Brandon Jay Gilbert, Steven Wyatt Pharis, James Quinn, David Alan Treadway: Kiosk for energy industry logistics. PHI, Garvey Smith Nehrbass & North L L C, Seth M Nehrbass, Mark N Melasky, February 21, 2017: US09576256

An automated kiosk and related apparatus provide check-in and boarding services to energy sector passengers, such as helicopter passengers. Preferably, the kiosk and related apparatus can take and store a picture of the passenger, calculate and/or measure the weight of the passenger and the passenge ...

Stephan Frank: Logistics management method and system. Sap, October 26, 2005: EP1588257-A2

Embodiments of the present invention relate to logistics management software. The software includes a user interface configurable to receive inputs relating to logistics operations in user-defined language.

卢明: 产品分配辅助系统. 北京正辰科技发展有限责任公司, December 1, 2010: CN200910086011.5


Tian Zhen: Radio crane guiding system. Anshan Crane Control Equipment, kongjin man wangchang qian, June 27, 2007: CN200610134784

The present invention relates to automatic logistics management technology for large warehouse in iron and steel enterprise, and is especially one kind of radio crane guiding system for guiding and monitoring the warehousing, shifting and delivering jobs. The radio crane guiding system includes grou ...


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