X, Jonathan Evans, Andrew McCollough, Dana Maher, Jake Nylund, Eric Miller, Chase Fiedler: Aerial robotics network management infrastructure. Skyward IO, May 8, 2018: US09965962

An Aerial Robotics Network (ARN) Management Infrastructure (MI) (also referred to as ARNMI) that provides a mechanism for the management of aerobots.

Masanori Ishida, Shigeru Sekiguchi, Kouki Hayashi, Shin Nakamatsu, Ryuutarou Hosoi: RFID tag search method, non-transitory storage medium storing RFID tag search program, and RFID tag search device. NTT Docomo, Oblon McClelland Maier & Neustadt L, January 24, 2017: US09551774

A method to be executed by a user terminal for searching for locations of one or more wireless devices that are located within an area in which the one or more wireless devices can wirelessly communicate with the user terminal, wherein each of the one or more wireless devices periodically transmits ...

Manoj Abraham, Qun Chen: Simulation of supply chain plans using data model. ORACLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Miles & Stockbridge P C, August 22, 2017: US09740994

A new computer-readable medium, computer-implemented method, and system is provided which can allow a user to make changes to the planning data, generate a new plan, generate a new solution based on the generated plan, or perform an alternative scenario analysis on the generated plan. In one embodim ...

Ryouta Hata, Takahiro Shoji, Yuuji Toyomura: Size measurement device and size measurement method. PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, Greenblum & Bernstein, March 28, 2017: US09607406

A size measurement device for measuring a size of an object from a captured image of the object includes: an imaging unit that captures an image of an object; a display unit that displays image data captured by the imaging unit; an input unit for inputting instructions of a user; a region setting un ...

Chang Soon Park, Young Jun Hong, Joon Seong Kang: Transmitter, receiver, and wireless communication method thereof. Samsung Electronics, NSIP Law, December 19, 2017: US09847894

A transmitter is configured to transmit a radio frequency (RF) signal to a receiver. The receiver is configured to receive the RF signal and decode data. Furthermore, a method of wireless communication is provided between the transmitter and the receiver, in which the transmitter transmits to the re ...

Zhong Jian Lin: 3D laser measuring scanning apparatus. Troutman Sanders, January 17, 2017: US09546861

The invention discloses a 3D laser measuring scanning apparatus. The apparatus comprises: a measurement scanning body; an -axial laser beam outlet and an X-axial reception lens arranged on a side wall of the measurement scanning body, and a Y-axial laser beam outlet and a Y-axial reception lens arra ...

Daniel M Cook: Autonomic discrete business activity management method. Daniel Cook, Fernandez & Associates, February 20, 2018: US09898706

An autonomic method of applying stochastic modeling techniques within a group of commercially interrelated businesses to utilize a universal business activity mosaic to derive an entity's near or real time asset conversion risk profile from the interpretation of concatenated entity asset conversions ...

Rajesh Vecham Subramanyam, Preetham Keerthi Raveendra, Shankar Vankipuram Rangaraj: Context based content display in a wearable device. Honeywell International, Lorenz & Kopf, April 4, 2017: US09611055

Methods and systems are provided for managing content displayed by a wearable device. In one embodiment, a method includes: determining a current context of the wearable device; determining a step of a process based on the context; determining an interface based on the step of the process; and gener ...

Sven Dobler, Dale Beal: Auto air freshener. Orlandi, Paul M Denk, April 18, 2017: US09623136

An auto air freshener provides a parallel spaced apart board and a card that suspending from a hang point. The auto air freshener has a blotter board that includes fragrance oil and other enhancers, a facer card having printed graphics upon one or both surfaces, a clip that spaces the board and the ...

Patrick Bian Wu, Fuqiang Han: Rectifier and limiter circuit having a plurality of time constants and passive radio frequency tag. Wayne & Ken, Tony Hom, February 20, 2018: US09899934

The present invention relates to the technical field of radio frequency identification, in particular to a rectifier and limiter circuit having a plurality of time constants and a passive radio frequency tag containing this rectifier and limiter circuit. By applying analog control signals with diffe ...

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