John J Roese, Richard W Graham, David Frattura, David Harrington: Location based data. Enterasys Networks, Holland & Knight, Brian J Colandreo, August 15, 2006: US07092943 (136 worldwide citation)

Data is provided with location-based access control information. Access to the data at a physical location is then limited according to the location-based access control information. A physical location of a device accessing the data can be determined, and the limiting of the access is then accordin ...

Janine M Irwin, James M Seymour, Iris Y Chen, James M Davis, David C Sowell, Nailesh B Desai, Julia B Torbert: Method for routing calls based on predetermined assignments of callers geographic locations. BellSouth Corporation, Jones & Askew, July 2, 1996: US05533107 (135 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method that enables a business with multiple locations within a LATA to use a single number for its service. All callers dial the same number to reach the subscriber's business, and a network routes the calls to the most appropriate subscriber location based on the geograp ...


Brian Wilson, Krishna Bhuyan, Jacob Feinstein: Apparatus and systems for providing location-based services within a wireless network. Cingular Wireless II, Woodcock Washburn, June 26, 2007: US07236799 (134 worldwide citation)

A system for providing wireless telecommunications services to mobile devices includes structure and functionality for location-based services, and includes both server and client/mobile device apparatuses. One apparatus includes a data store storing at least a first record associated with a first w ...

Farshid Alizadeh Shabdiz, Kaveh Pahlavan: Estimation of position using WLAN access point radio propagation characteristics in a WLAN positioning system. Skyhook Wireless, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, April 7, 2009: US07515578 (134 worldwide citation)

A method for estimating position using WLAN access point radio propagation characteristics in a WLAN location based service is provided. A location-based services system has a plurality of Wi-Fi access points in a target area. The Wi-Fi access points are positioned at geographic locations and have s ...

Jason Ford: Location-based authorization of gaming action in wireless communication gaming devices. Sprint Spectrum, October 14, 2008: US07435179 (134 worldwide citation)

A gaming server periodically receives location information from a plurality of distributed gaming devices. Such devices can take the form of cellular telephones or other wireless communications devices equipped with a GPS transceiver. When the gaming server determines that a gaming device is within ...

Robert Ellis Richton: Method and apparatus for a wireless telecommunication system that provides location-based action services. Lucent Technologies, Harness Dickey & Pierce, June 4, 2002: US06400956 (133 worldwide citation)

A wireless telecommunications system uses location or position information to initiate actions on behalf of travelers. As position information of a wireless mobile unit is received, it is compared to stored position information of a remote location, such as a home. As the traveler approaches his hom ...

Mark A Schaecher, Richard J Burgess Jr, Jay B Miller: Location based timing scheme in memory design. Intel Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, August 13, 2002: US06434736 (132 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for improving the access time of a memory device is described. The location based timing scheme utilizes a subset of the address bits to adjust the timing of the sense amplifier enable in order to achieve a faster read of the information stored in the memory cell.

Arshad A Syed, Curtis R Reider: Location based method of and system for forwarding wireless telephone calls. Integrated Telecom Solutions, Denise L Locke Liddell & Sapp Mayfield, March 14, 2000: US06038451 (130 worldwide citation)

A method of and system for processing a telephone call to a wireless telephone number associated with a mobile telephone unit forwards the call to a registered wireline number if the mobile unit is located near the geographic location associated with the wireline number. In response to a call placed ...

Steven M Armstrong, Eric W Parsons, Elwyn B Davies, Andrew Newton Harker, David Robert Stringer: Communication and presence spanning multiple access networks. Nortel Networks, Steubing McGuinness & Manaras, October 19, 2004: US06807423 (129 worldwide citation)

A personal communications portal maintains presence information about a user who may be available at one or more terminal devices on one or more access networks comprising a multiple access network. The access networks may operate in different transmission modes and may utilize different signaling f ...

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