Hon Lik: A flameless electronic atomizing cigarette. Hon Lik, January 25, 2006: EP1618803-A1 (155 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a non-smokable electronic spray cigarette which only comprises nicotine without harmful tar. The cigarette includes a smoke mouth integer comprised with a shell, a cell, a high frequency ionzer, nicotine solution storage and its container, control circuit, a display screen, ...

Walter P Maynard Jr: Liquid funnel and pouring spout combination. William H Needle, Sumner C Rosenberg, July 15, 1986: US04600125 (88 worldwide citation)

A convenient, spill-resistant and highly versatile pouring system for containerized liquids is disclosed. A primary funnel includes a container seating well having a built-in container piercing element. The primary funnel is inverted and placed over a liquid container or vice versa to carry out the ...

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This invention is directed to a liquid storage container. More particularly, this invention is directed to a liquid storage container that can be connected or attached to a spray pump which comprises two separate chambers to hold liquid components, each chamber having a take-up tube which leads to a ...

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A liquid dispenser and cap valve assembly therefor is provided to dispense a controlled dose of liquid. The liquid dispenser and cap valve assembly therefor is particularly suitable for dispensing liquid soaps and lotions. The liquid dispensing cap valve assembly comprises a dosing cap having an upp ...

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An inhalation nebulizer (1) includes an aerosol generator (2) that has a diaphragm (22) vibrated by a vibration generator (23). The inhalation nebulizer (1) includes a liquid storage container (21) that is in fluid contact with the diaphragm (22). A liquid contained in the storage container (21) is ...

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A combined nasal spray and aspirator device includes an air pump disposed within a housing and comprises a spray and aspirator assembly. The air pump, at which an air suction connector and an air discharge connector are disposed, is driven by a driving component to perform air suction and discharge ...

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The combination comprises a flexible container including a body portion and a neck portion. The body portion is sufficiently flexible to allow manual squeezing inwardly thereof. An amount of the liquid material is disposed within the container for storage thereof. The neck portion extends from the b ...

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The container which can be inserted into a power-supply unit (17, 18) and is intended for the preparation of hot drinks, with a liquid-storage container (4), an electric heating element (7) arranged therein and a collecting container (1) for the drink prepared, the liquid-storage container (4) havin ...

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Apparatus for confirming the presence or absence of leaks in a liquid storage container, particularly in partially filled underground storage tanks, subjected to partial vacuum for the purpose of testing the tank for the presence of a leak in the area above the liquid using a hydrophone or microphon ...

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A liquid applicator which comprises a liquid storage container fitted with a shaped applicator means that is made of a non-flexible, non-deformable, sintered, porous synthetic plastic resin having a controlled porosity and having omni-directional interconnecting pores.