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An object of the present invention is to provide a simple image projection apparatus which prevents color shading. First, second and third dichroic mirrors are provided in parallel which separate light from a source into red, blue, and green components. First and second polarization beam splitters a ...

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A conductive pattern is formed, by laser scribing, on a soda-lime glass substrate suitable for liquid crystal devices. Besides a first ion blocking film interposed between the glass substrate and the conductive pattern, a second ion blocking film is provided on the structure in order to inhibit sodi ...

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During device filling, as by flowing the liquid crystal material through ports opening into opposite ends of the device, the walls of the device are caused to alternately outwardly bow and inwardly collapse to cause variations in the paths of flow of the material through the device.

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According to one aspect of the invention, liquid crystal material, and especially nematic material, is encapsulated; according to another aspect the encapsulated liquid crystal material is used in liquid crystal devices, such as relatively large size visual display devices; and according to further ...

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At least a part of an image forming optical system is formed of a liquid crystal assembly consisting of a plurality of liquid crystals having a refractive index anisotropy and having different response frequencies of molecule orientation so that the transmittivity and refractive index of the plurali ...

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Wavelength diversity coupled with fiber-based time delay, optical energy delivery, and ultrasonic energy sensing, are proposed to form a novel, rapidly tunable (e.g., 1 Khz-100 Mhz) and wide instantaneous bandwidth (e.g., >50% bandwidth at center carrier), ultrasonic probe system for therapy, diagno ...

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A method of manufacturing liquid crystal on silicon devices uses asymmetric placement of scribes on silicon and glass substrate layers to maximize the yield of processed active matrix silicon wafers. Asymmetrical scribing minimizes a dimension from a gasket seal between the substrates to a lower bon ...

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A liquid crystal device includes a pair of substrates each having a uniaxial orientation as provided by rubbing or oblique vapor deposition, and a ferroelectric liquid crystal disposed between the substrates. The uniaxial orientation axes respectively provided to the pair of substrates intersect eac ...

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The present invention relates to use of liquid crystal material encapsulated in a containment medium to produce a controlled colored or multicolored output, for example, in response to the application, removal and variation in an electric field. A non-pleohroic dye is imbibed in the containment medi ...

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An edge-lighting type light diffuser is disclosed which has a plane of light incidence, a light transmitting means and a plane of light emission. The light transmitting means is composed of a laminate of a plurality of light-transmissible plates. This structure provides a light diffuser capable of u ...