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A liquid pumping apparatus for pumping liquids, more specifically a linear peristaltic pump apparatus. The apparatus consists of a high durometer compressible elastomeric liquid flow tube (

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A linear peristaltic pump, and a disposable casette therefor, particularly suitable for the infusion of parenteral fluids. The pump includes a housing having a power-driven shaft and a series of small bearing assemblies having their inner members eccentrically mounted upon that shaft. A thin elastom ...

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A peristaltic pump is provided having an adjustable flow regulation provided by an adjustable axial elongation means for the variable elongation of resilient tubing disposed between the associated rotors of a rotary peristaltic pump or the plurality of reciprocal pushers or fingers in a linear peris ...

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The invention relates to linear peristaltic pump of known contruction, in which a first cam (30a) and a first cam follower (11a) in the form of an input valve, at least three intermediate cams (30b-30e) and cam followers (11b-11e) for pumping operation and a last cam (30f) and a last cam follower (1 ...

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A peristaltic pump for pumping liquids through a resilient tube. In one embodiment, the pump includes a curved concave platen against which a resilient tube is placed. A multi lobed cam is positioned adjacent to the platen and tube. A plurality of pump fingers are mounted between tube and cam in a m ...

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The invention relates to a peristaltic pump wherein a plurality of cam actuated fingers are adapted to pump fluid through a flexible tube by sequentially closing off the fluid filled tube along a length thereof. The fingers are mounted to rotate on a common axis and are spaced from one another in or ...

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A linear peristaltic pump equipped with a pressure relief mechanism for pumping I.V. fluids to a patient comprises a platen for supporting the tube, and a plurality of fingers which sequentially urge against the tube resting against the platen for creating a moving zone of occlusion. Cam lobes are f ...

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A linear peristaltic pump includes a mechanism for maintaining linear flow of fluid through an I.V. tube. The mechanism comprises a casing carrying a rotatable camshaft having a plurality of cams spaced therealong in helical arrangement and a plurality of fingers coupled to the camshaft. A housing f ...

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A linear peristaltic pump for pumping fluid through a resilient tube has a pair of pumping fingers, a pair of pinching fingers, and a strain gauge to monitor pressure inside the tube. The first pumping finger squeezes the tube at a first location, and the second pumping finger squeezes the tube at a ...

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A linear peristaltic pump of the type for removable engagement of a portion of a flexible tubing and having a plurality of sequentially actuated pumping elements which act along the engaged portion of the flexible tubing, with the pumping elements reciprocated in a first direction to collapse adjace ...