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High efficiency linear accelerator structures comprising a succession of cylindrical resonant cavities which are accelerating cavities, and coupling annular cavities which are located at the periphery thereof, each of these annular cavities being coupled to two adjacent cylindrical cavities.

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The present invention relates to an apparatus for pre-acceleration of ions and optimized matching of beam parameters used in a heavy ion application comprising a radio frequency quadruple accelerator (RFQ) having two mini-vane pairs supported by a plurality of alternating stems accelerating the ions ...

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A linear particle accelerator having detection apparatus for detecting the presence of and correcting for beam misalignment. The linear accelerator includes a charged particle accelerator system and deflection coils for changing both the positional and angular displacement of a charged particle beam ...

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An automatic frequency control system is described for maintaining the drive frequency applied to a linear accelerator to produce maximum particle output from the accelerator. The particle output amplitude is measured and the frequency of the radio frequency source powering the linear accelerator is ...

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An x-ray treatment apparatus includes an x-ray generating device, a head unit, a manipulator and a microwave source. The x-ray generating device produces x-rays, by letting electrons, which have been emitted from an electron gun, be accelerated by a linear accelerator and strike a target. The accele ...

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A component of an ion implanter (10), and a method of operating same, are provided for reducing the amount of x-rays generated when an ion beam (15) passes therethrough. In one embodiment, the component comprises an electrode (72) in an ion implanter radio frequency (RF) linear accelerator (linac) ( ...

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A radiation shield is provided for use on patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment. The shield is made of a suitable radiation absorbing material for preventing the transmission of high energy radiation to the patient's non-treatment areas. The device may further comprise an exterior surface ...

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A method and apparatus for verifying the position of a lesion (303) in a patient's body (302) compares the location of the lesion in CT slices with the position of the lesion (303) in ultrasound images taken while the patient lays on the treatment table (404) of a linear accelerator (401).

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A compact, small diameter, standing-wave linear accelerator structure suitable for industrial and medical applications is disclosed. The novel structure utilizes a new type of coupling cavity for Pi/2 mode, standing-wave operation. The coupling cavity fits into the webs between the accelerating cavi ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To take out electron beams of a plurality of orbits without increasing the size of a main electromagnet by providing a port for taking-out the electron beams on the straight orbits of the electron beams which are emitted from the magnetic field area of the second main electroma ...