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The energy interlock system contains a measuring device, a discriminator and a switch. The measuring device determines the level of the particle beam pulses which are emitted by the accelerator. For this purpose it contains a target which is exposed to the particle beam pulses. The discriminator det ...

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A double pass linear accelerator which is used in a radiation therapy unit to provide electron radiation or photon bremsstrahlung radiation when combined with an appropriate target. The accelerator operates in a standing wave mode and includes an accelerating section, a charged particle source and i ...

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A multiple beam linear accelerator system and method where two or more accelerator waveguides are driven by a single high power microwave source. A single RF power system is multiplexed to drive the plurality of accelerator waveguides. Each accelerator waveguide is addressed at a different RF freque ...

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In conjunction with a linear accelerator or a cobalt-60 teletherapy machine disposed in a room having a head mounted for rotation about a horizontal epicenter axis, and wherein the head is adapted to direct a high energy beam at right angles to and intersecting said axis at an isocenter, there is pr ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for controlling the operational parameters of a radio frequency (RF) linear accelerator (linac) (

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A linear accelerator having an X-ray head for emanating X-rays and a CT scanner are provided opposite to each other. The X-ray head is provided to be rotated about a horizontal axis, and such that the X-rays intersect the horizontal axis at an isocenter. A treatment couch is movably mounted on a bas ...

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An electron beam therapy system and a facility for using an electron beam therapy system. In the preferred embodiment, the electron beam therapy system comprises a linear accelerator, microwave source, and associated electronics disposed in a housing. The housing is mounted on a positioning means su ...

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A system according to some embodiments may include a treatment head to emit treatment radiation, a gantry coupled to the treatment head, an x-ray tube to emit imaging radiation, an imaging device to acquire an image based on the imaging radiation, and a C-arm coupled to the x-ray tube, the imaging d ...

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A charged particle accelerator has an accelerator chamber in the interior of which a narrow beam of charged particles is accelerated. The particle beam is directed to a discharge window for discharging the particles therethrough. A device is provided for wobbling the beam of particles before the par ...

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A close-coupled rf power system provides high peak rf power for a linear accelerator, or "linac", and other charged particle systems. The linac operates in a vacuum housing. Low level rf power is coupled inside of the vacuum housing by a conventional rf feedthrough connector. An input resonator cavi ...