Norman H Horwitz: Laser alignment fixture. William Beaumont Hospital, Cullen Sloman Cantor Grauer Scott & Rutherford, September 16, 1980: US04223227 (25 worldwide citation)

In conjunction with a linear accelerator or a cobalt-60 teletherapy machine disposed in a room having a head mounted for rotation about a horizontal epicenter axis, and wherein the head is adapted to direct a high energy beam at right angles to and intersecting said axis at an isocenter, there is pr ...

Apparatus for directing ionising radiation in the form of or produced by beams from particle accelerators. Varian Associates, May 6, 1964: GB957342-A (25 worldwide citation)

957,342. Linear particle accelerators; X-ray tubes. VARIAN ASSOCIATES. July 27, 1961 [Aug. 1, 1960], No. 27305/61. Heading HID. [Also in Division H5] A beam of accelerated particles for direct irradiation of an object or for producing X-rays for irradiating the object, is bent through 90 degrees and ...

Victor A Vaguine: Standing-wave linear accelerator. Varian Associates, Stanley Z Cole, Leon F Herbert, John J Morrissey, May 17, 1977: US04024426 (24 worldwide citation)

A standing-wave linear charged particle accelerator is disclosed which comprises a plurality of interlaced substructures, with each substructure having a plurality of accelerating cavities disposed along the particle beam path and having side cavities disposed away from the beam path for electromagn ...

Ikebe Jun: System for stereotactic radiotherapy with a computerized tomographic scanning system.. Ikebe Jun, September 29, 1993: EP0562585-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

A linear accelerator having an X-ray head for emanating X-rays and a CT scanner are provided opposite to each other. The X-ray head is provided to be rotated about a horizontal axis, and such that the X-rays intersect the horizontal axis at an isocenter. A treatment couch is movably mounted on a bas ...

Robert Gibson: Energy interlock system for a linear accelerator. Siemens Medical Laboratories, Spellman Joel and Pelton, July 27, 1982: US04342060 (23 worldwide citation)

The energy interlock system contains a measuring device, a discriminator and a switch. The measuring device determines the level of the particle beam pulses which are emitted by the accelerator. For this purpose it contains a target which is exposed to the particle beam pulses. The discriminator det ...

Michiro Sugitani, Hiroyuki Kariya, Mitsukuni Tsukihara, Kenji Sawada: Method and system for optimizing linac operational parameters. Axcelis Technologies, John A Kastelic, June 5, 2001: US06242747 (23 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is provided for controlling the operational parameters of a radio frequency (RF) linear accelerator (linac) (

Donald A Swenson, William J Hoffert: Close-coupled RF power systems for linacs. Science Applications International Corporation, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, January 28, 1992: US05084682 (23 worldwide citation)

A close-coupled rf power system provides high peak rf power for a linear accelerator, or "linac", and other charged particle systems. The linac operates in a vacuum housing. Low level rf power is coupled inside of the vacuum housing by a conventional rf feedthrough connector. An input resonator cavi ...

Bruce M Carder: High-gradient compact linear accelerator. Richard Main, William Daubenspeck, William R Moser, May 26, 1998: US05757146 (23 worldwide citation)

A high-gradient linear accelerator comprises a solid-state stack in a vacuum of five sets of disc-shaped Blumlein modules each having a center hole through which particles are sequentially accelerated. Each Blumlein module is a sandwich of two outer conductive plates that bracket an inner conductive ...

George Gutman: X-ray system with implantable needle for treatment of cancer. Brooks & Kushman P C, June 17, 2003: US06580940 (23 worldwide citation)

An x-ray system for treatment cancer by delivering x-ray radiation directly to a desired region of tissue comprising an x-ray source with directed narrow space distribution of x-rays (linear accelerator), conditioning optics which direct and monochromotize x-ray radiation, an implantable needle with ...

Jochen Klaus Kusch, Christopher Jude Amies: Linear accelerator with X-ray imaging elements mounted on curved support. Siemens Medical Solutions USA, October 31, 2006: US07130372 (22 worldwide citation)

A system according to some embodiments may include a treatment head to emit treatment radiation, a gantry coupled to the treatment head, an x-ray tube to emit imaging radiation, an imaging device to acquire an image based on the imaging radiation, and a C-arm coupled to the x-ray tube, the imaging d ...

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