Roger D DuBois: Light bulb extractor. Donald A Jacobson, January 19, 1988: US04719826 (31 worldwide citation)

A steel U-shaped pair of gripping arms are formed from steel having the proper size and shape to fit over the end of a lamp bulb. The tips of the gripper arms are formed to fit the end of the bulb and the steel is then annealed to obtain the required spring characteristics. The tips of the gripping ...

Alvin J Dolle, Warren G Alston: Light bulb extractor. Gunn Lee & Miller, April 14, 1992: US05103695 (31 worldwide citation)

An assembly of tools for the removal, handling, and replacement of light bulbs and light bulb bases from their mounting sockets. The assembly is made up of three components which each have two ends that function to either surround and grip a light bulb and insert or remove it from its socket, or to ...



Kristopher I Eyre: Universal broken light bulb extractor. October 4, 2012: US20120247285-A1

A utility grip for extracting broken light bulb structures from all size sockets which can be either gripped with the hand or mounted on standard extension poles and handles for distance extractions. The utility grip engages the broken light bulb structure at whatever remaining structure is left and ...