Patrick W Smith: Less lethal weapons and methods for halting locomotion. TASER International, William R Bachand, July 11, 2006: US07075770 (239 worldwide citation)

A hand-held stun gun incapacitates a human target by generating a series of powerful electrical output pulses of pulse energy of from 0.9 Joules to 10 Joules which generate a series of output current pulses have an RMS current flow of from 100 milliamps to 500 milliamps when the first and second out ...

Steven Abboud, Chi Myin Chang: Conductive energy weapon ammunition. Adam R Stephenson, August 22, 2017: US09739578

Ammunition for a conductive energy weapon. A receptacle includes a cavity accessible through each of a first opening in a first face of the receptacle, a second opening in the first face of the receptacle, a third opening in a second face of the receptacle and a fourth opening in a third face of the ...

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