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A vehicle lamp assembly includes a housing and an LED lamp carried in the housing. A signal mirror, includes a mirror; and an LED lamp. The LED lamp includes a heat extraction member.

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A LED lamp for use in lighted sign assemblies has a base configured to engage an associated electrical socket, a light array extending from the base, the base has conductive elements on the outer surface thereof to effect a power connection to the socket and internal contacts coupled thereto. The li ...

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An LED lamp includes blue and red LEDs and a phosphor. The blue LED produces an emission at a wavelength falling within a blue wavelength range. The red LED produces an emission at a wavelength falling within a red wavelength range. The phosphor is photoexcited by the emission of the blue LED to exh ...

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An electrically driven L.E.D. lamp assembly (14) comprising an electrically insulating circuit board (26) having opposed first and second surfaces with light emitting diodes (28) having positive and negative leads (30, 32) mounted on the first surface. A plurality of holes extend through the board ( ...

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The invention relates to a LED lamp having a gear column which is connected, at its first end, to a lamp cap and, at its other end, to a substrate. The substrate is provided with a regular polyhedron of at least four planes, the planes having at least one LED having a luminous flux of at least 5 lm. ...

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An improved LED lamp construction is disclosed having a plurality of LEDs electrically interconnected and mounted upon opposed rounded surfaces formed at one end of the lamp body. The opposed rounded surfaces comprise a substantially semi-spherical lamp head concavely open at the upper end of the la ...

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A lighting device has a support that can be screwed into a standard 120 volt light socket. A ring with multiple, alternating color, circumferentially spaced LEDs, is connected to the support and a reflector is provided over the ring for reflecting light from the LEDs past the ring. A power supply ci ...

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The present invention provides a light-emitting diode lamp having a printed circuit board which is arranged inside a glass bulb having a base at an end thereof, via a stem and stays. A plurality of light-emitting diodes are mounted on the printed circuit board, a current being supplied to the light- ...

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A LED module for providing a source of illumination comprises a plurality of LED lamps each having an anode lead and a cathode lead for providing electrical and mechanical connection. The anode lead of each LED lamp is connected to an anode bus bar and the cathode lead of each LED lamp is connected ...

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The Par 36 LED lamp may be a replacement and/or original LED lamp adapted for use in applications previously utilizing a Par 36 size lamp having as incandescent, halogen, and/or gaseous discharge xenon illumination source. The Par 36 LED lamp is generally formed of a heat sink housing holding as arr ...