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A hand laundry detergent and composition includes a surfactant mixture containing a base soap and one or more fatty acid methyl ester sulfonates (MES) having the formula: ##STR1## wherein R is a fatty alkyl chain having 6-20 carbon atoms, M+ is a monovalent or divalent salt. A method for cleaning so ...

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An antibacterial detergent laundry bar based on alkyl benzene sulfonate which has good foamability and skin mildness is disclosed. The formulation consists of about 10 to 35 percent alkyl benzene sulfonate, about 10 to 35 percent higher fatty alcohol sulfate, about 1 to 10 percent cocoamido propylam ...

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1,155,726. Low density detergent bars. COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO. 28 June, 1966 [2 July, 1965; 26 Nov., 1965; 21 Feb., 1966 (2)], No. 60927/68. Divided out of 1,155,724. Heading C5D. A laundry detergent bar contains a synthetic anionic detergent and a proportion of watersoluble builder salt in excess of ...

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The present invention relates to a non-phosphate laundry detergent bar composition having specific polycarboxylate compounds as builders instead of the traditional phosphate compound builders.

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As a substitute for distillation of crude feedstock in the production of oleo-chemicals, the crude feedstock is bleached to remove color and odor. The crude feedstock can include fatty acids and/or glycerin, and the bleached product can be incorporated into a commercial product, such as liquid laund ...

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Disclosed are improved cleaning compositions comprising soap&com ma; fatty acid, synthetic detersive surfactant, salt and a polyhydridic alcohol, which are suitable for formation into precursor cleansing/laundry bar "soap noodles," personal cleansing bars and laundry detergent bars. The compositions ...

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A built laundry bar using fatty acid ester sulphonate as a component has at least 10% by weight of the cations present as potassium ions.

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The present invention relates to a synthetic laundry detergent bar composition having improved physical properties and having negative ion Surfactant, wash assistant agent and ester of polylol, the invention also relates to a process for making the bar compositions described above.

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The present invention relates to a built laundry detergent bar composition wherein the surfactant system includes alkyl glycerylether sulfonate and soap. The process to make such compositions is also included herein.

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The present invention relates to a synthetic laundry detergent bar composition containing soap including bitter salt and having improved physical properties. The present invention also relates to a process for manufacturing the compositions.