Michael C Pirrung, J Leighton Read, Stephen P A Fodor, Lubert Stryer: Large scale photolithographic solid phase synthesis of polypeptides and receptor binding screening thereof. Affymax Technologies, Kenneth J Nussbacher, Kevin R Kaster, Vern Norviel, September 1, 1992: US05143854 (1359 worldwide citation)

Polypeptide arrays can be synthesized on a substrate by attaching photoremovable groups to the surface of a substrate, exposing selected regions of the substrate to light to activate those regions, attaching an amino acid monomer with a photoremovable group to the activated regions, and repeating th ...

PERSONALIZED GENETIC TESTING. February 22, 2018: US20180051338-A1

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for personalized genetic testing of a subject. In some embodiments, a sequencing assay is performed on a biological sample from the subject, which then leads to genetic information related to the subject. Next, nucleic acid molecules are array-synt ...

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