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A method of removing organic contaminants from a process gas such as raw, untreated landfill gas is disclosed. The steps involve collecting the process gas that includes organic contaminants for removal. An absorption liquid such as a terpene, is injected as a mist into the process gas to form a two ...

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The invention involves a method of collecting biogas from a landfill with a variable rate of collection varied to match periods of greatest need for energy and greatest economic value of energy during a day. The variable collection rate is made possible by a landfill design that includes a gas perme ...

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A portable monitor used to measure landfill gas and landfill well parameters. The portable monitor includes a control unit and a measuring unit that can communication wirelessly with one another. The control unit and/or measuring unit can includes a heating arrangement to increase the temperature of ...

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The invention provides an improved method of collecting biogas from a landfill that results in more complete collection of biogas produced in the landfill, and with less contamination with air. The method involves providing the landfill with an upper gas containment layer near the surface of the lan ...

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Disclosed herein is a method of controlling the landfill gas generation within the landfill in which leachate is recycled to be continuously injected into a deposit of wastes while extracting the landfill gas from a landfill gas extraction pipe inserted into the waste deposit, comprising steps of:

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Gas is recovered from a landfill by introducing water into the landfill to promote digestion of organic matter in the landfill, and removing from the landfill gas produced by digestion. The improvement comprises the introduction of water as part of an aqueous foam, whereby the water is distributed m ...

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A method of using a triple-effect absorption system to recover methane from landfill gas contaminated with CO2 and trace contaminates such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatics involves processing the landfill gas with three absorbers and a flash system. One absorber uses a solvent to absorb the ...

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Processes, methods, systems and devices for zero emission liquid hydrogen production directly from a variety of methane sources, such as natural gas and landfill gas, are disclosed. Five embodiments of plant designs for liquid hydrogen production are presented. The embodiments combine hydrogen produ ...

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A fuel burning system comprises a burner in communication with a burner supply pipe having an automatic two-stage regulator valve for controlling the pressure of fuel gas delivered to the burner. The burner supply pipe is normally fed by a primary supply pipe delivering collected digester or landfil ...

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A waste heat recovery system is coupled to a flare or exhaust stack of, for example, a landfill gas treatment system, to recover at least a portion of the energy within the exhaust produced by the gas treatment system and provides the recovered energy either indirectly or directly to a secondary pro ...