Steve Cromeens: System and method for drying sludge using landfill gas. Jenkens & Gilchrist, February 29, 2000: US06029370 (13 worldwide citation)

A system and method using landfill gas to dry wet sludge to inexpensively produce fertilizer or dry waste for disposal, while acting to conserve natural gas resources. The system and method are expected to provide dry sludge as an end product at approximately one-fifth of the cost of conventional me ...

Richard L Jenkins, John A Pettus, David K Abner: Instrument and process for testing landfill gas for chlorinated hydrocarbons. Getty Synthetic Fuels, Gordon L Peterson, June 4, 1985: US04521225 (12 worldwide citation)

A method for determining the concentration of chlorinated hydrocarbons in landfill gas by injecting a carrier gas and landfill gas containing chlorinated hydrocarbons through a valve and into a gas chromatographic column containing a column packing capable of separating the chlorinated hydrocarbons. ...

Thomas Lee Hall: Process for the production of naphtha gas from landfill gas. Ecogas Corporation, Conley Rose & Tayon PC, June 6, 2000: US06071326 (11 worldwide citation)

The production of naphtha gas from landfill gas is preferably accomplished through a gas purification step, a catalytic conversion of methane gas to hydrogen gas, and a blending step in which various process streams are blended to produce the naphtha gas stream. The landfill gas stream is first trea ...

James R Kennelly: Landfill gas well. November 20, 1984: US04483396 (11 worldwide citation)

The gas well includes a plurality of generally tubular gas extracting means which extend from the ground surface downwardly, a lower interval of which means have longitudinally extending slots in the body wall through which gas may enter while the means lower end is closed. The slotted interval resi ...

Sircar Shivaji, Koch William Rohrer: Adsorptive separation of methane and carbon dioxide gas mixtures.. Air Prod & Chem, September 10, 1986: EP0193716-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

A process is described for separating gas mixtures containing a primary gaseous component and a secondary gaseous component by selective adsorption of the secondary gaseous component in an adsorptive process including the steps of adsorption in at least one adsorbent bed, rinsing said bed with secon ...

Stanley W Zison: Method for projecting landfill gas collection rate of a surface collector. Getty Synthetic Fuels, Gordon L Peterson, December 11, 1984: US04487054 (11 worldwide citation)

A method for projecting the landfill gas collection rate of a surface collector, including removing some of the cover material from the landfill to expose a test area of the refuse in the landfill and measuring the venting rate of the landfill gas through the test area under essentially steady state ...

John Brady, Greg S Powell, Robin Marks: Landfill gas extraction constant flow control method and device. William Keyworth, Bill & Mary Lou, February 14, 2006: US06999883 (11 worldwide citation)

A control method and apparatus for regulating gas flow from landfill gas wells uses a differential pressure-regulating valve to maintain a set flow through a constant flow wellhead assembly. This wellhead assembly maintains a constant flow from the well despite normal variations in environmental fac ...

Ronald L Brookshire: Flow metering device for landfill gas extraction well. Landfill Gas & Environmental Products, John L Rogitz, April 1, 1997: US05616841 (10 worldwide citation)

A metering pipe for a landfill well includes an upstream segment and a downstream segment. A coupling having an orifice plate positioned therein surroundingly engages both segments. Specifically, the segments are advanced into the coupling toward each other, on opposite sides of the orifice plate fr ...

David Mauterer: Method of removing organic contaminants. Contaminant Separations, April 30, 1996: US05512084 (10 worldwide citation)

A method of removing organic contaminants from a process gas such as raw, untreated landfill gas is disclosed. The steps involve collecting the process gas that includes organic contaminants for removal. An absorption liquid such as a terpene, is injected as a mist into the process gas to form a two ...

Keum Young Lee: Method and apparatus of controlling landfill gas generation within landfill. Jacobson Holman PLLC, January 1, 2002: US06334737 (9 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a method of controlling the landfill gas generation within the landfill in which leachate is recycled to be continuously injected into a deposit of wastes while extracting the landfill gas from a landfill gas extraction pipe inserted into the waste deposit, comprising steps of:

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