William Dennis Allen, Margaret Anneli Linggood, Philip Porter: Priobiotic containing enterococcus faecium strain NCIMB 40371. Unilever Patent Holdings, Cushman Darby & Cushman IP Group Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, March 17, 1998: US05728380 (35 worldwide citation)

A strain of Enterococcus faecium, deposited as NCIMB 40371, has valuable probiotic properties and is particularly effective in alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in human patients. The strain can be used in the manufacture of human foodstuffs.

John Rhodes, Brian Kenneth Evans: Composition for treatment of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. John Rhodes, Brian Kenneth Evans, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, May 11, 2004: US06734188 (35 worldwide citation)

Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are treated by a delayed and sustained release composition of an opioid antagonist which commences release of the opioid antagonist in the mid to distal small intestine or ascending colon and provides sustained release along any remaining part of the small i ...

Peter E Cross, Alexander R MacKenzie: Pyrrolidine derivatives. Pfizer, Peter C Richardson, Paul H Ginsburg, Seymore G Bekelnitzky, March 17, 1992: US05096890 (35 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein R, Y and R.sup.1 are as defined in the specification. These compounds are muscarinic receptor antagonists which are selective for smooth muscle muscarinic sites over cardiac muscarinic sites, and are useful in the treatment of diseases associated with altere ...

Stephen C Perry: Dietary supplement and method for use as a probiotic, for alleviating the symptons associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Malin Haley & DiMaggio P A, March 20, 2001: US06203797 (35 worldwide citation)

A dietary supplement for use as a probiotic and for alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, comprising freeze-dried aloe, fructo-oligosaccharides, and dahlia inulin juice mixture and optionally vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) manganese and L-glutamine. An additional alternate embodiments specifica ...

Samuel K Yue: Method of treating fibromyalgia with relaxin. Kinney & Lange P A, January 13, 1998: US05707642 (34 worldwide citation)

A method of treating involuntary muscle dysfunctions includes administering a therapeuticaly effective amount of relaxin to a patient. Involuntary muscle dysfunctions amenable to treatment with relaxin include fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, dystonia, pelvic floor d ...

Daniel P Becker, Daniel L Flynn, Alan E Moormann, Roger Nosal, Clara I Villamil: Imidazopyridines as serotonergic 5-HT.sub.3 antagonists. G D Searle & Co, Cynthia S Kovacevic, Roger A Williams, November 9, 1993: US05260303 (33 worldwide citation)

The imidazopyridines compounds of the present invention are serotonergic 5-HT.sub.3 antagonists. As such they are useful for the treatment of humans and animals wherein antagonism of 5-HT.sub.3 receptors is beneficial. Therapy is indicated for, but not limited to, the treatment of anxiety, psychoses ...

Cari Loder, David F Horrobin: Treatment of fatigue, head injury and stroke. Laxdale, Foley & Lardner, August 27, 2002: US06441038 (33 worldwide citation)

A method of treatment of disorders of neurological origin and drug formulations for use in the method are disclosed. These conditions comprise fatigue and associated syndromes of pain, weakness and depressed mood which are associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, brain injury and stroke, stress, fi ...

Shailubhai Kunwar, Jacob Gary S: Agonists of guanylate cyclase useful for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, cancer and other disorders. Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Shailubhai Kunwar, Jacob Gary S, ELRIFI Ivor R, December 11, 2008: WO/2008/151257 (32 worldwide citation)

The invention provides novel guanylate cyclase-C agonist peptides and their use in the treatment of human diseases including gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation or cancer (e.g., a gastrointestinal cancer). The peptides can be administered either alone or in combination with an inhibitor of cGMP ...

Henry C Lin, Mark Pimentel: Methods of diagnosing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and SIBO-related conditions. Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Seth D Levy, Davis Wright Tremaine, June 15, 2010: US07736622 (31 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or a SIBO-caused condition in a human subject. SIBO-caused conditions include irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, impaired mentation, impaired memory ...

Burkhard Goeke, Joerg Schirra: Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 (7-36) on antro-pyloro-duodenal motility. Amylin Pharmaceuticals, McKee Voorhees & Sease, June 17, 2003: US06579851 (30 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an effective method for inhibiting antro-duodenal motility in healthy subjects and patients suffering from various disorders, without the side effects associated with other pharmaceutical compositions. GLP1(7-36)amide slows antro-duodenal motility and may be used for t ...

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