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Disclosed are a system and method of voting via an interactive television system. In a particular embodiment, the method includes identifying data embedded within video content sent to a set-top box device via an access network of an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, the data indicating a ...

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To prevent theft of protected content when IPTV services are provided, a conditional access device (CAD) is connected to a personal computer (PC). An application is launched on the PC from the CAD over universal serial bus (USB) interface. The application configures the PC to allow a user to receive ...

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A system and method for delivering targeted advertising data over an internet protocol television (IPTV) network are disclosed for multicasting from an IPTV server a group of targeted advertising data to a group of end user client devices; receiving at the IPTV server from an end user client device ...

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An interactive multimedia broadcasting system with an end-user terminal (TV), e.g. an enhanced television system or preferably an Internet Protocol TeleVision IPTV infrastructure, adapted to receive channels of multimedia data, a content server (CS) adapted to transmit these channels to the terminal ...

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An IPTV group profile is dynamically generated based on individual IPTV user profiles, whenever a user joins or leaves a shared IPTV session at an IPTV Terminal Function (ITF). The IPTV group profile may be implemented as a modification to the IPTV user profile of each user. In one embodiment, a “gr ...

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In response to receiving a request, a current status of each one of a number of tuners of a television receiver may be determined. A ranking may be assigned to each one of the number of tuners based on an associated determined status. A listing may be generated based on the ranking and, when selecte ...

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The provisioning of media content to computing devices that might not normally have access thereto. Example types of media or media content may include advertising media, broadcast media, social media, news media, and others.

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A television receiver may be configured to receive, from a user of the television receiver, a set of viewing rules that define a focus preference of the user. The television receiver may output, to a presentation device, a video mosaic comprising a plurality of pieces of content presented as a plura ...

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A service configured to or for reminding a television viewer what or which particular programming they were watching prior to surfing other programming when a commercial break occurs during the particular programming. An option may be made available to the television viewer prior to the end of the c ...