True Xiong, Leo Pedlow: Provision of TV ID to non-TV device to enable access to TV services. Sony Corporation, John L Rogitz, June 4, 2013: US08458741 (5 worldwide citation)

To permit non-TV CE devices to participate in a closed Internet Protocol television (IPTV) program, a non-TV CE device obtains a TV identification upon program registration which it subsequently uses to access content from the IPTV program.

True Xiong, Charles McCoy, Leo M Pedlow, Ling Jun Wong: Control of IPTV using second device. Sony Corporation, John L Rogitz, March 26, 2013: US08407755 (5 worldwide citation)

An IPTV may be controlled in part by a second user consumer electronic (CE) device such as a personal digital assistant (PDA) or laptop computer. The IPTV obtains system credentials from a management server to access multiple content servers, and the second CE device can browse Internet content avai ...

Yennun Huang, Yih Farn Chen, Rittwik Jana, Amy Reibman, Bin Wei, Zhen Xiao, Michael Rabinovich: System and method for peer to peer video streaming. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Andrew Gust, Guntin Meles Gust, March 8, 2011: US07903652 (5 worldwide citation)

In an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, an IPTV server is configured to receive a request from an IPTV content storage device (CSD) to view a video stream. The IPTV server selects a set of peers for the IPTV CSD, and transmits the set of peers to the IPTV CSD. In the system, a capacity of ...

Geoffrey R Zampiello: Method and system for multicasting targeted advertising data. AT&T IP I, G Michael Roebuck P C, July 3, 2012: US08213426 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for multicasting targeted advertising data to end user devices is disclosed. In an illustrative embodiment the method includes but is not limited to correlating at a regional internet protocol television (IPTV) server, multicast queue data with web data from web sites visited by each of a p ...

Kamakshi Sridhar, Atiya Suhail, David Elie Dit Cosaque, Gerard Damm: Diagnostic tool and method for troubleshooting multicast connectivity flow problem(s) in a layer 2 aggregation network. Alcatel Lucent, Capital Patent & Trademark Law Firm PLLC, November 30, 2010: US07843845 (5 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic tool and method are described herein that are capable of diagnosing and localizing a multicast connectivity flow fault within a layer 2 aggregation network. In one application, the diagnostic tool and method can be used by a customer service representative to diagnose why a customer can ...

Sig Badt Jr, Chao Kan: IPTV architecture for dynamic commercial insertion. Alcatel Lucent, Garlick Harrison & Markison, Holly L Rudnick, April 26, 2011: US07934230 (5 worldwide citation)

Dynamic delivery of different commercials to different viewers is achieved using a network node within an IPTV packet-switched network that is coupled to receive both a multicast television program and commercial programs. The network node is able to identify one or more subscribers to the multicast ...

Kuo Hui Liu, Yongdong Zhao: System and method of delivering video content. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Toler Law Group PC, June 26, 2012: US08209728 (5 worldwide citation)

A method to deliver video content is disclosed and includes sending a bandwidth change request from a set-top box device associated with a home network to a server via an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) access network. The bandwidth change request includes a requested bandwidth change event and ...

Hu Hanqiang: Method and system for iptv test, and iptv test apparatus. Huawei Tech, April 23, 2008: EP1914940-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

Embodiment of the present invention disclose a method for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) test, the method includes: connecting to a user port to be tested of an IPTV access apparatus via an access matrix; accessing an IP carrier network; downloading channel information from an IPTV network; rec ...

George Foti, Nilo Mitra, Paul Higgs: Dynamic IPTV group profile creation and management. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, December 13, 2011: US08079042 (5 worldwide citation)

An IPTV group profile is dynamically generated based on individual IPTV user profiles, whenever a user joins or leaves a shared IPTV session at an IPTV Terminal Function (ITF). The IPTV group profile may be implemented as a modification to the IPTV user profile of each user. In one embodiment, a “gr ...

Li Jincheng, Yan Jun, Wu Xiangyang: A method, a system and a device for channel authorization of television living broadcast by network. Huawei Tech, June 17, 2009: EP2071839-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a method for channel authorization in a live IPTV service. The method includes: After a service entity receives a channel request for live IPTV service from the terminal device, an authorization entity performs an authorization check on the channel request based on us ...

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