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Time-shifting and chase-play is provided for an IPTV system, utilising a control channel established between the originating user and a selected IPTV Application Server (IPTV-AS). When time shifting of the IPTV content is required, for example due to receipt of a telephone call, a start time-shift c ...

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To permit non-TV CE devices to participate in a closed Internet Protocol television (IPTV) program, a non-TV CE device obtains a TV identification upon program registration which it subsequently uses to access content from the IPTV program.

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In an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, an IPTV server is configured to receive a request from an IPTV content storage device (CSD) to view a video stream. The IPTV server selects a set of peers for the IPTV CSD, and transmits the set of peers to the IPTV CSD. In the system, a capacity of ...

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