Roland Noll, Jeffrey G Weber, Scott Alan Pettit, Mary Catherina McCarthy: System and method for delivering targeted advertising data in an internet protocol television system. AT&T Intellectual Property I, G Michael Roebuck, December 4, 2012: US08327399 (6 worldwide citation)

A system and method for delivering targeted advertising data over an internet protocol television (IPTV) network are disclosed for multicasting from an IPTV server a group of targeted advertising data to a group of end user client devices; receiving at the IPTV server from an end user client device ...

Coppens Toon, Broos Rudi Costantinus Josephi: Interactive multimedia broadcasting system with dedicated advertisement channel. Alcatel Lucent, August 29, 2007: EP1826981-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

An interactive multimedia broadcasting system with an end-user terminal (TV), e.g. an enhanced television system or preferably an Internet Protocol TeleVision IPTV infrastructure, adapted to receive channels of multimedia data, a content server (CS) adapted to transmit these channels to the terminal ...

George Foti, Nilo Mitra, Paul Higgs: Dynamic IPTV group profile creation and management. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, December 13, 2011: US08079042 (6 worldwide citation)

An IPTV group profile is dynamically generated based on individual IPTV user profiles, whenever a user joins or leaves a shared IPTV session at an IPTV Terminal Function (ITF). The IPTV group profile may be implemented as a modification to the IPTV user profile of each user. In one embodiment, a “gr ...

True Xiong, Leo Pedlow: Provision of TV ID to non-TV device to enable access to TV services. Sony Corporation, John L Rogitz, June 4, 2013: US08458741 (5 worldwide citation)

To permit non-TV CE devices to participate in a closed Internet Protocol television (IPTV) program, a non-TV CE device obtains a TV identification upon program registration which it subsequently uses to access content from the IPTV program.

True Xiong, Charles McCoy, Leo M Pedlow, Ling Jun Wong: Control of IPTV using second device. Sony Corporation, John L Rogitz, March 26, 2013: US08407755 (5 worldwide citation)

An IPTV may be controlled in part by a second user consumer electronic (CE) device such as a personal digital assistant (PDA) or laptop computer. The IPTV obtains system credentials from a management server to access multiple content servers, and the second CE device can browse Internet content avai ...

Geoffrey R Zampiello: Method and system for multicasting targeted advertising data. AT&T IP I, G Michael Roebuck P C, July 3, 2012: US08213426 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for multicasting targeted advertising data to end user devices is disclosed. In an illustrative embodiment the method includes but is not limited to correlating at a regional internet protocol television (IPTV) server, multicast queue data with web data from web sites visited by each of a p ...

Kamakshi Sridhar, Atiya Suhail, David Elie Dit Cosaque, Gerard Damm: Diagnostic tool and method for troubleshooting multicast connectivity flow problem(s) in a layer 2 aggregation network. Alcatel Lucent, Capital Patent & Trademark Law Firm PLLC, November 30, 2010: US07843845 (5 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic tool and method are described herein that are capable of diagnosing and localizing a multicast connectivity flow fault within a layer 2 aggregation network. In one application, the diagnostic tool and method can be used by a customer service representative to diagnose why a customer can ...

David R Oran: Delivering secure IPTV services to PC platforms. Cisco Technology, Edell Shapiro & Finnan, November 27, 2012: US08321950 (5 worldwide citation)

To prevent theft of protected content when IPTV services are provided, a conditional access device (CAD) is connected to a personal computer (PC). An application is launched on the PC from the CAD over universal serial bus (USB) interface. The application configures the PC to allow a user to receive ...

Sig Badt Jr, Chao Kan: IPTV architecture for dynamic commercial insertion. Alcatel Lucent, Garlick Harrison & Markison, Holly L Rudnick, April 26, 2011: US07934230 (5 worldwide citation)

Dynamic delivery of different commercials to different viewers is achieved using a network node within an IPTV packet-switched network that is coupled to receive both a multicast television program and commercial programs. The network node is able to identify one or more subscribers to the multicast ...

Kuo Hui Liu, Yongdong Zhao: System and method of delivering video content. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Toler Law Group PC, June 26, 2012: US08209728 (5 worldwide citation)

A method to deliver video content is disclosed and includes sending a bandwidth change request from a set-top box device associated with a home network to a server via an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) access network. The bandwidth change request includes a requested bandwidth change event and ...

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