Dale Malik: Apparatus and method for video conferencing. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Guntin Meles & Gust, Douglas Schnabel, October 30, 2012: US08300082 (8 worldwide citation)

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a server having a controller to determine video conferencing capability of a group of communication devices associated with a user where the group of communication devices comprises a set top box and where the d ...

Yang Lu: Methods and apparatus of running game and rendering game audio remotely over broadband network. May 1, 2012: US08170701 (8 worldwide citation)

A system and methods for running interactive applications (e.g., video game, computer game, console game) over broadband network (e.g., IPTV network, broadband mobile network, broadband Internet, cable network, etc.). In an embodiment, interactive applications can be hosted and executed remotely by ...

Åström Bo, Ivars Ignacio Más, Carlsson Hans, Cheng Yi, Norrman Karl: Ims-enabled control channel for iptv. Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson, Åström Bo, Ivars Ignacio Más, Carlsson Hans, Cheng Yi, Norrman Karl, HARDING Richard, August 30, 2007: WO/2007/096001 (8 worldwide citation)

An IMS-enabled control channel for an IPTV service is provided by receiving at a Serving Call/State Control Function (S-CSCF) a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) REGISTER message, the SIP REGISTER message identifying the originating user, receiving at the originating user a response from the S-CSCF ...

Åström Bo: Time-shifting and chase-play for an iptv system. Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson, Åström Bo, LIND Robert, September 13, 2007: WO/2007/101473 (8 worldwide citation)

Time-shifting and chase-play is provided for an IPTV system, utilising a control channel established between the originating user and a selected IPTV Application Server (IPTV-AS). When time shifting of the IPTV content is required, for example due to receipt of a telephone call, a start time-shift c ...

Ress David P, Jones Anthony, Goodwill Dominic, Mckinnon Steve J: Multimedia subsystem control for internet protocol based television services. Nortel Networks, May 28, 2008: EP1926319-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

The present invention allows Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services to be provided to different types of subscriber devices over different types of networks via a multimedia subsystem, such as an IP multimedia subsystem. A given subscriber may have one subscription supporting IPTV services to ...

Yennun Huang, Yih Farn Chen, Rittwik Jana, Amy Reibman, Bin Wei, Zhen Xiao, Michael Rabinovich: System and method for peer to peer video streaming. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Andrew Gust, Guntin Meles Gust, March 8, 2011: US07903652 (7 worldwide citation)

In an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, an IPTV server is configured to receive a request from an IPTV content storage device (CSD) to view a video stream. The IPTV server selects a set of peers for the IPTV CSD, and transmits the set of peers to the IPTV CSD. In the system, a capacity of ...

Raghvendra G Savoor, Zhi Li, Orestis Manthoulis, Russell B Bellford, Stuart Lynch Blackburn: System and method for a video content service monitoring and provisioning architecture. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Guntin Meles & Gust, Pablo Meles, August 7, 2012: US08239886 (7 worldwide citation)

According to one example embodiment there is provided a computer program executable on a computing platform to at least in part analyze data at least in part obtained from one or more data sources of an Internet-protocol television (IPTV) network, wherein the data provided by the data sources includ ...

Jerald Robert Howcroft, Kathy Goode Piatt: System and method of voting via an interactive television system. AT&T Intellectual Property I, Toler Law Group, September 7, 2010: US07789305 (7 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a system and method of voting via an interactive television system. In a particular embodiment, the method includes identifying data embedded within video content sent to a set-top box device via an access network of an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, the data indicating a ...

Kyung Ho Kim, Hyeong Ho Son, Joon Hui Lee, Jong Yeul Suh: IPTV receiver and method for performing a personal video recorder function in the IPTV receiver. LG Electronics, McKenna Long & Aldridge, April 9, 2013: US08417091 (7 worldwide citation)

An IPTV receiver and a method for performing a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) function in the IPTV receiver are disclosed. Herein, the method can include downloading a widget application from a server, receiving a first request for executing the downloaded widget application from a user, executing th ...

True Xiong, Leo Pedlow: Provision of TV ID to non-TV device to enable access to TV services. Sony Corporation, John L Rogitz, June 4, 2013: US08458741 (6 worldwide citation)

To permit non-TV CE devices to participate in a closed Internet Protocol television (IPTV) program, a non-TV CE device obtains a TV identification upon program registration which it subsequently uses to access content from the IPTV program.

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