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The invention concerns a method of providing an Internet protocol television service to a subscriber, and a network element (53, 63, 73) to execute this method. At an acquisition tier (1), IPTV packets are generated from video stream data of one or more video channels and transmitted to a FCC server ...

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A method and system for providing an open content distribution platform (103) for media delivery systems is disclosed. The platform acquires, processes, indexes and stores content form a plurality of content providers (101) and distributes the content to service providers (104), for instance, IPTV s ...

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Systems and methods for performing user accommodations are described. An exemplary system may include an electronic device configured to receive audiovisual content and/or user inputs. The electronic device may further include one or more processors as well as memory, which when executed by the one ...

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In one embodiment, a scheme for the display of targeted and personalized advertisements in a packet-based media-delivery system, such as an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service. An Internet keyword-based advertisement-bidding model is used to place the most-appropriate IPTV advertisements for ...

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Various arrangements for monitoring and control applications are presented. A television receiver may be configured to monitor sensor reading and or provide signals to control units for monitoring and home automation applications.

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