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A method of significantly enhancing the period of time that an implanted intraperitoneal catheter used for the delivery of therapeutic medication will operate without encountering significant blockage by fibrotic tissue is disclosed. By monitoring and maintaining certain physical parameters in patie ...

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A method and apparatus for ambulatory intraperitoneal dialysis, comprising at least two containers one filled with unused dialysis fluid and one empty, each container being provided with flow regulating means and with a connecting tube ending in a Y-shaped junction whose common branch is connected t ...

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A method of screening potential recipients of an implantable medication infusion system including an implanted intraperitoneal catheter is disclosed which seeks to select only those candidates who will have a high degree of resistance to catheter blockage due to fibrotic tissue growth. By checking c ...

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1. Flexible peritoneal catheter for permanent implantation in peritoneal dialysis, comprising a distal end which can be connected to a connector, a region which can be passed through the abdominal wall of the patient and a proximal end, which can be introduced into the peritoneal cavity, and at leas ...

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The intraperitoneal catheter comprises a catheter head (1,1') and a catheter tube (7,7') connected thereto. The catheter head (1,1') has a recess (4,4') which forms an extension of the central orifice (6,6') of the catheter tube (7,7'). An insert (5,5') that fills the recess (4,4') and consists of a ...

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At the distal end area of the catheter tube (10) there are side holes (11) arranged one behind the other in the longitudinal direction. Between the holes (11) there are disc-shaped spacing elements (13) which project radially from the catheter tube and prevent the holes (11) from being blocked by pr ...

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The invention encompasses methods of decreasing the lumenal diameter of a blood vessel by contacting the vessel with a myosin light chain phosphatase inhibitor.

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[EN] The present invention provides a connection cap for a peritoneal dialysis cannula which is sealed and coupled to a terminal connector of a peritoneal cannula connected to an intraperitoneal catheter of a peritoneal dialysis patient, thereby preventing an exogenous infection of a patient through ...

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A real-time analyte sensing device that can be connected to a-peritoneal catheter having a first flexible tube, a second flexible tube, connected to a 3-way port and including an analyte sensor connected to a sensor wire at one end by a sensor connector. The sensor wire has a second end that is a da ...