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The invention relates to an intervertebral implant comprising a spacer (

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An intervertebral implant consisting of a disc-shaped spacer made of rigid material and insertable between opposed and adjacent vertebrae in which the opposing sides (1, 2) of the implant bordering the vertebrae are circular discs and have a central raised dome (3 or 4) and roof-shaped projections t ...

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A method of positioning a plurality of intervertebral implants in a patient's intervertebral space, comprising: introducing an elongated member into the patient's intervertebral space; and sequentially advancing a plurality of intervertebral implants over the elongated member and into the ...

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An allogenic intervertebral implant for fusing vertebrae is disclosed. The implant is a piece of allogenic bone conforming in size and shape with a portion of an end plate of a vertebra. The implant has a wedge-shaped profile to restore disc height and the natural curvature of the spine. The top and ...

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A ramp-shaped intervertebral implant is disclosed. The implant has a body having a first end, a second end, a top surface and a bottom surface. At least one of the top and bottom surfaces is tapered and converges towards the second end of the body. An opening extends through the body and has one end ...

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Methods and devices are provided for intervertebral implant anchorage. An implantable device for insertion into an intradiscal section between adjacent vertebrae is provided. The implantable device includes at least one anchor plate which comprises a plate member sized to be positioned within an int ...

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A ventral intervertebral implant is used between two vertebral bodies of a spinal column. The implant has an upper and a lower contact surface and at least one anchor pin projecting beyond at least one of the contact surfaces. An instrument is provided for engagement with the implant and which exten ...

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The present invention relates to an adjustable-height intravertebral implant, having an approximately cylindrical hollow body which has one or more openings (

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