Robert L Joseph: Internet radio station and disc jockey system. Leave a Little Room Foundation, TIPS Group, March 25, 2008: US07349663 (36 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a network-based radio show includes transmitting a plurality of segments over a network to a radio station server wherein the plurality of segments contain a plurality of voice tracks and an identification of song tracks located on the radio station server. The plurality of se ...

Donald Robert Martin Boys: Method and apparatus for practicing IP telephony from an Internet-capable radio. Sound Starts, Donald R Boys, Central Coast Patent Agency, January 31, 2006: US06993004 (23 worldwide citation)

An Internet radio device is provided, having a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) telephony mode for practicing telephony and for enabling one-touch initiation and call connection of an IP telephone call to a recipient device. The internet radio comprises, an IP telephony software application for enab ...

Sterling Du, Bruce Denning, James Lam: Personal computer integrated with personal digital assistant. O2 Micro International, September 9, 2008: US07424623 (21 worldwide citation)

A personal computer (PC) adapted to function as a personal digital assistant (PDA) includes: a central processing unit (CPU) responsive to a control signal to load a first operating system or a second operating system, wherein the first operating system is run by the PC in a first PC mode and the se ...

Jeffrey R Boulter, Todd M Beaupre: Internet radio and broadcast method. Pandora Media, Beyer Law Group, April 15, 2014: US08700795 (20 worldwide citation)

Data streams are generally selected according to user preferences and transmitted to the user in general alignment with expressed preferences of the user. Such data streams may be music, including music videos. Users may indicate their general or specific preferences with regards to song, artists, o ...

Stephen Karlsgodt: Internet radio player. Stephen Karlsgodt, Sheppard Mullin Ritcher & Hampton, David E Heisey, January 18, 2011: US07873040 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an apparatus for listening to music on the internet. The apparatus includes a memory unit configured to store a plurality of internet protocol addresses of internet radio stations, a communication unit configured to communicate with one of the internet radio stations u ...

Kitaura Keiko, Fujita Ichiro, Matsuoka Kenji: Music information retrieving device to be functioned as www server on the internet. Hitachi Maxell, July 27, 2001: JP2001-202368 (17 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a music information retrieving device, with which a user can easily access desired music out of music distributed by plural Internet radio stations. SOLUTION: Concerning the music information retrieving device to be functioned as WWW server on that internet, this dev ...

Ian E McDowall, Mark T Bolas, Scott Smith: Internet radio receiver with linear tuning interface. IM Networks, K David Crockett Esq, Crockett & Crockett, July 19, 2005: US06920479 (16 worldwide citation)

A system for supplying streaming media or other media sources to clients, which provides for selection of internet based audio contest providers based on arbitrarily assigned numbers that function as proxies for the URL or IP address of the audio content providers.

Harry E Emerson III, William A Grywalski, Gerald M LeBow: System for modifying and targeting advertising content of internet radio broadcasts. The Surfer Network, Ernest D Buff & Associates, Ernest D Buff, Gordon E Fish, February 10, 2009: US07490053 (14 worldwide citation)

A radio station transmits its broadcast audio content, including audible advertisements, to listeners over the Internet via an Internet Hosting Service that provides listener access to radio station content. A computing system at the radio station digitizes the audio, and supplies marking informatio ...

Boulter Jeffrey, Beaupre Todd: Internet radio and broadcast method. Launch Media, September 4, 2002: EP1236354-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

Using a large database (160), users may indicate their general or specific preferences with regards to song, artist, or albums. A playlist is created that combines all of the user's preferences as well as any applicable statuatory regulations. The user is then able to enjoy music generally of his or ...

Jessica N Staddon, Robert T Johnson: Methods, apparatus, and program products for inferring service usage. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated, Park Vaughan & Fleming, November 13, 2007: US07296158 (13 worldwide citation)

Given the recent changes in the policy governing Internet content distribution, such as the institution of per listener royalties for Internet radio broadcasters, content distributors now have an incentive to under-report the size of their audience. Previous audience measurement schemes only protect ...

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