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A method of Internet radio broadcasting, which provides for including listener dedications to accompany the broadcast of a requested final selection audio and/or video file.

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Data streams are selected according to user preferences and transmitted to the user. Such data streams may be audio, video, or other works, such as popular music or the like, or other works, including music videos. Users may indicate their general or specific preferences with reaard to song, artists ...

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A novel communication system including mobile units distributed within a wireless communication network which are connected to a packet switched network (e.g., the Internet) via a proxy server is disclosed. The proxy server converts unicast data packets coming from the packet switched network to mul ...

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The present invention is directed to distributing content over the Internet that is comprised of a portion of the content of a radio station broadcast and content that has replaced a portion of the content of the radio station broadcast.

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An device for receiving streaming audio or other audio sources netcast in analogous fashion to a radio broadcast, said device providing an interface analogous to a radio receiver, eliminating the necessity of an intervening personal computer system.

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A system for supplying streaming media or other media sources to clients, said system providing for selection of internet based audio content providers based on arbitrarily assigned numbers that function as proxies for the URL or IP address of the audio content providers.

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An improved user data protocol is well suited for both Internet radio and packeting switching networks and provides built in addressing and transport control capabilities. Basically, the user protocol consists of layers

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A system and method for providing automatic and continuous selection of user-preferred data streams based on predefined parameters. In one aspect of the present invention, a client/server system comprises: a sever comprising an address list including addresses of a plurality of data sources; and a c ...

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An internet radio provides receiving and playing audio data originating from an internet. The internet radio includes controls suitable for manipulation by human digits, a communications unit used to provide the radio a communications link to the internet, an audio unit, and a processor. The process ...

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A streaming multimedia communication network includes a broadcaster providing program content by air wave or direct line to a network service provider, e.g. an Internet Radio Service provider (IRSP) which operates a web site for distribution of the content to remote end users over the network. The I ...