Eric J Horvitz, Semiha Ece Kamar Eden, Ryen W White, Adish Singla: Stochastic privacy. Microsoft Technology Licensing, November 20, 2018: US10133878

A stochastic privacy service provider may provide users with a guaranteed upper bound on a probability that personal data will be accessed while enabling the services to collect data that can be used to enhance its services. Users may receive incentives to become participants in a stochastic privacy ...

Robert M Lyden: Custom article of footwear and method of making the same. October 3, 2017: US09775404

The present invention teaches a method of making a custom article of footwear. Further, the article of footwear can include a knitted upper and means for cushioning. In addition, the components of the article of footwear can be selected from a wide range of options, and can be easily removed and rep ...

Matthew Adam Shreve, Michael C Mongeon, Robert Paul Loce: Methods and systems for goods received gesture recognition. Xerox Corporation, Fay Sharpe, January 3, 2017: US09536153

Disclosed are methods and systems to automatically detect and optionally classify when a recipient receives goods in surveillance video. According to one exemplary embodiment, a computer implemented method determines a customer has received goods which are associated with a retail environment.

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The disclosure provides an optical module, including a housing, a circuit board and a light conducting structure; a portion of the light conducting structure is disposed in the housing, another portion of the light conducting structure juts out from the housing; the circuit board is provided with a ...

Pichler Johannes Prof Dr: Computer system and method for processing commercial transactions via data transmission lines. Pichler Johannes Prof Dr, April 28, 2004: EP1413966-A1

The system has a trusted data processing system that can be interconnected using an auxiliary tool on the seller's terminal via a second data line to the buyer's terminal and via a third data line to the seller's terminal for further data exchanges to compete the transaction between the seller's and ...

Lin Xu, Guoteng Huang: Method and apparatus for reporting traffic and method and apparatus for counting network traffic. ZTE CORPORATION, Cantor Colburn, June 27, 2017: US09693255

Provided are a method and an apparatus for reporting traffic and a method and an apparatus for counting network traffic. The method for reporting the traffic includes: an application acquires network traffic of the application (S102); and the application reports the network traffic (S104). Through t ...

Chiu Yeong How: Internet business security method. Chiu Yeong How, September 17, 2008: EP1970848-A1

An internet business security method is disclosed. According to this method, first, a one-time password is generated based on a smart card that includes a chip to perform the processes of storing data, processing data and encoding/decoding data. Then, the one-time password is identified by the websi ...

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An Internet business model for conducting distribution of audio and multimedia programs, including the buying and selling of the advertisment space in the programs, integrating the selected ads into the programs, and distributing them to the listeners/viewers, using the internet. The Method includes ...

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A points trading service method is provided and includes the steps of (a) collecting information on a customers' trading points total from a member shop and storing the information in a customer database; (b) receiving information on a points trade request from a customer; and (c) trading points wit ...

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The present invention relates to a method for residence address information authentication during registration process of an internet user. Said method comprises the steps: an authentication administrator connecting an authentication controller and inputting residence address information of an user ...