Suk Young Lee, Soo Young Kim, Gyu Il Kim, Jin Soo Park, Austin Kim: Unified communication system and unified communication method using multi-login, terminal for controlling operation of unified communication tool, and communication method in terminal. NHN CORPORATION, Harness Dickey & Pierce, May 23, 2017: US09659337

Provided are a unified communication system and a unified communication method using multi-login, a terminal for controlling an operation of a unified communication tool, and a communication method in a terminal. The unified communication system may include a communication tool provider to provide a ...

Tao Lin, Junxu Li: Online business method, system and apparatus based on open application programming interface. Alibaba Group Holding, Lee & Hayes PLLC, July 4, 2017: US09699257

The present disclosure introduces a method, a system and an apparatus of implementing online transaction according to Open API. In one aspect, a method includes: receiving a first invocation request to invoke an Open API from a third party development server according to a user's transaction request ...

Baolong Yang, Yongjian Wu, Feng Gao, Yuan Huang: Method and device for posting microblog message. Tencent Technology, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, William S Frommer, February 21, 2017: US09577965

Described are a method and a device for posting a microblog message. The method includes: acquiring text content input by a user in a microblog text box; monitoring a posting operating instruction for the text content; calculating the number of the characters of the text content; determining whether ...

Robert W Danford, Terry D Escamilla, Kevin D Himberger, Clark D Jeffries: Managing a DDoS attack. International Business Machines Corporation, John Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, April 25, 2017: US09633202

A method, system, and/or computer program product manages a distributed denial of service attack in a multiprocessor environment. A determination is made of (a) a first upper threshold for a normal number of packets from the multiprocessor environment to multiple destination addresses, (b) a second ...

Mark M Hixson, Robert P Creswell: Mobile vending trailer. Crose Law, Bradley D Crose, September 5, 2017: US09751446

A mobile vending trailer is provided. In at least one embodiment, a solar-powered mobile vending apparatus includes: a portable chassis; a housing; at least one vending machine configured to be stored and transported in the housing; a solar panel array configured to capture sunlight and convert the ...

James W MacIntyre, David Scherer, David Alan Rosenthal: System, method, and computer program product for processing and visualization of information. Adobe Systems Incorporated, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, July 18, 2017: US09710815

Systems and methods for processing and reporting information and data, such as business information, and more particularly, to systems, software, hardware, products, and processes for use by businesses, individuals and other organizations to collect, process, distribute, analyze and visualize inform ...

Hong Wei Ding, Hong Bo Li, Ganggang Niu, Baohua Wang, Yong Qing Xue, Bo Zhang: Entity location management using vehicle logistics information. International Business Machines Corporation, Stephen R Yoder, March 14, 2017: US09595073

Physical location information for a specified user is corrected according to vehicle location and trajectory analysis. Vehicles, such as delivery vehicles, produce physical location information for the vehicle during delivery events to the specified user and a surrounding physical area. The physical ...

Leo S Lee, Timothy E Blair, David H Liu: Configuring traffic allocations in a router. Coriant Operations, Hamilton Brook Smith & Raynolds P C, August 22, 2017: US09742680

Disclosed herein are methods and calculators for configuring traffic allocations for service classes with different Quality of Service (QoS) in a router. Example embodiments involve setting allocations at a router based on traffic rate values and/or traffic weight values provided by a user. The rout ...

Robert M Lyden: Custom article of footwear and method of making the same. October 3, 2017: US09775404

The present invention teaches a method of making a custom article of footwear. Further, the article of footwear can include a knitted upper and means for cushioning. In addition, the components of the article of footwear can be selected from a wide range of options, and can be easily removed and rep ...

Matthew Adam Shreve, Michael C Mongeon, Robert Paul Loce: Methods and systems for goods received gesture recognition. Xerox Corporation, Fay Sharpe, January 3, 2017: US09536153

Disclosed are methods and systems to automatically detect and optionally classify when a recipient receives goods in surveillance video. According to one exemplary embodiment, a computer implemented method determines a customer has received goods which are associated with a retail environment.

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