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The system includes a master computer having a master computer comparator. The master computer comparator further having a master user biometric database which contains or stores the biometric samples of all users registered with the identification computer system. The master computer further includ ...

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Compressible electrical interconnectors have dielectric holder sheets with compressible conductive plastic rods extending through the sheets. When electrical contacts are pressed against opposite ends of the rods, interconnection is completed.

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An electrical interconnector for interconnecting individual pads (1) of a first row of pads with corresponding pads (1) of a second row of pads parallel to the first row, which comprises a number of separate parallel conductors (3) running across the space s between the rows of pads, and insulating ...

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Interconnectors are placed on a die containing a semiconductor device or integrated circuit which is to be tested or analyzed. The interconnector includes a bump contact for contacting a bond pad of the die, and a probe pad at a position spaced from the bump contact. An interconnector connects the b ...

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A novel press-contact type interconnector is proposed which is formed by comprising (a) a rectangular connecting piece made of a film or sheet of an elastic material having anisotropical electroconductivity in the direction substantially parallel to one edge line thereof and (b) a couple of holder m ...

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A solid oxide electrolyte fuel cell comprises a power generation film consisting of a solid oxide electrolyte film dimpled over substantially the whole area on both sides thereof, an oxygen electrode formed on one side thereof, and a fuel electrode formed on the other side of thereof, and comprises ...

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A solar battery module according to the present invention includes interconnectors for series-connecting a plurality of solar battery cells, and one or more bypass diodes which allow output currents of the cells to be bypassed with respect to one or more cells, wherein each of those diodes is a chip ...

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A novel press-contact type interconnector is proposed which is formed by comprising (a) a rectangular connecting piece of a woven cloth, the woof fibers being conductive and the warp fibers being non-conductive, having antisotropical electroconductivity in the direction substantially parallel to one ...

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A canopy assembly includes a frame composed of a plurality of elongated elements interconnected to form an array to which a fabric is secured and stretched. Portions of the fabric are secured in tension into corresponding different ones of the elements, and corresponding ends of respective elements ...

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One embodiment of the present invention is a structure useful for testing circuits that includes: (a) a substrate having contactors on a first side and pads on a second side; (b) a card having pads on a first side; and (c) interconnectors that electrically connect the pads on the second side of the ...