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A one-package type photosolder resist developable with an aqueous alkali solution and suitable for use as a solder resist for a printed circuit board is disclosed. The composition comprises (A) a copolymeric macromolecular compound containing at least one free carboxyl group in the molecular unit th ...

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A delayed-tack adhesive composition exhibiting a high tack strength even for adherends made of non-polar materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene, which comprises a (co)polymer prepared by the use of a radical-polymerizable monomer having a straight-chain or branched alkyl group having 9 to ...

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A pigment composition consisting of 100 parts by weight of a pigment, and from 0.1 to 30 parts by weight of a pigment dispersant of formula ##STR1## in which Q is (a) an anthraquinone dye or pigment radical, (b) an azo dye or pigment radical, (c) a benzimidazolone dye or pigment radical, (d) a phtha ...

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A hole-injecting material for an organic EL device, having excellent hole-injecting capability and durability and having the formula [I], [II] or [III] specified in claim

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A process for the production of a colored polyolefin molded articles comprising adding to a polyolefin either a compound of the formula D--CH.sub.2 O.OC--R]).sub.n as a colorant wherein D is the residue of a common organic pigment, R is an alkyl, alkenyl or aryl group having up to 20 carbon atoms an ...

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An aqueous coating composition for cans which forms a coating having high hardness and a smaller organic solvent content and generates a smaller amount of fumes when baked at a high temperature, and which comprises, as a resin component,

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An aqueous coating composition includes: an inorganic particulate substance whose surface is modified with a silane coupling agent having at least one functional group selected from a group consisting of vinyl group, (meth)acryloyl group, epoxy group, and amino group; and an aqueous resin having a f ...

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Disclosed is a method for producing a patterned calcined inorganic film such as an electroconducting or insulating (non-conductive) film, particularly a plasma display panel, embracing a calcining step. To produce a patterned calcined inorganic film without inducing warpage, shrinkage of line width, ...

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A method for preparing a resinous pigment composition is disclosed which method includes charging pigment, water and water-insoluble resin which is solid at room temperature into a mill containing a dispersing medium and milling the charge at a temperature below the softening point of the resin to r ...

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A photosensitive resin composition and a method of forming a positive resist pattern by the use of the composition are disclosed. The photosensitive resin composition comprises (A) a resinous compound containing an acid-decomposing ester group, (B) a compound containing one ethylenically unsaturated ...