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Ultraviolet light curable coating compositions comprising (1) a monomer and/or prepolymer containing at least one radically crosslinkable ethylenically unsaturated double bond and (2) a photopolymerization initiator containing (a) 4,4'-bis(diethylamino)benzophenone and (b) a lower alkyl ester of p- ...

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Disclosed is a method for producing a patterned calcined inorganic film such as an electroconducting or insulating (non-conductive) film, particularly a plasma display panel, embracing a calcining step. To produce a patterned calcined inorganic film without inducing warpage, shrinkage of line width, ...

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A sulfonium complex or oxosulfonium complex of the formula (1), ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is a benzyl group, a substituted benzyl group, a phenacyl group, a substituted phenacyl group, an aryloxy group, a substituted aryloxy group, an alkenyl group or a substituted alkenyl group, each of R.sup.2 and ...

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A coated molded article obtained by coating a lacquer containing an organic solvent on a molded article produced from a resin composition comprising 100 parts by weight of one resin selected from the group consisting of an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer resin, a mixture of said terpolyme ...

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A hole-transport material having excellent hole-transport capability and durability, suitable for use in an organic EL device and as an organic photoconductive material, has the formula (1).

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A decorative glass or plastic plate comprising a primer layer of a light-permeable polyurethane resin, a transfer-printed layer of a printed image formed of an ink containing a pigment and a binder, and a cured resin layer, these layers being formed consecutively on one surface of a light-permeable ...

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This invention provides a heat-sensitive transfer layer which comprises a substrate and a heat-melting ink layer provided to one surface of said substrate, characterized by providing, between said substrate and heat-melting ink layer, an interlayer which breaks away within itself by separation under ...

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A thermogenic composition comprising (1) at least one compound such as an alkali metal sulphide, polysulphide, hydrosulphide, hydrate thereof or mixture thereof, (2) at least one catalytically functional compound such as carbonaceous material or iron carbide and, if desired, (3) at least one filler ...

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A non-crystallizing and non-flocculating pigment composition comprising as the base material a base organic pigment sch a phthalocyanine and as the additive a specified derivative of a starting organic pigment such as phthalocyanine.

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A one-package type photosolder resist developable with an aqueous alkali solution and suitable for use as a solder resist for a printed circuit board is disclosed. The composition comprises (A) a copolymeric macromolecular compound containing at least one free carboxyl group in the molecular unit th ...