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A thermal transfer recording method forms a pattern on a marking film, which is a plastic film containing a heat adhesive resin or a plastic film on which a heat-sensitive image-receiving layer, composed mainly of a heat adhesive resin, is formed. A thermal transfer ribbon is prepared by forming a h ...

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A pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising, by weight, (A) an aqueous dispersion of a copolymer of (1) at least one alkyl acrylate, (2) at least one .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acid or hydroxyl group-containing acrylate or methacrylate or the like and (3) at least one vinylic or vinylidenic ...

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Cans prepared by bonding and/or seaming together the to-be-bonded portions of can materials with the aid of an adhesive, characterized in that the adhesive comprises at least one modified polyolefin selected from carboxyl group-containing polyolefins and metal compound-incorporated carboxyl group-co ...

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A water-based dispersion composition obtained by partially or wholly neutralizing a mixture of a modified epoxy resin (A) as an emulsifying resin and an aromatic epoxy resin (B) having a number average molecular weight of 1,000 to 30,000 as a resin to be emulsified, with ammonia and/or an amine, the ...

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A photocurable and thermosetting coating composition which can be diluted with water is disclosed. This composition comprises a photopolymerizable resin having a number-average molecular weight in the range of from 500 to 50,000 and containing an aprotic ammonium salt-containing moiety in a proporti ...

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When colorimetric values defined in a uniform color space are supplied, a plurality of sets of the amounts of print color materials of cyan, magenta, and yellow are obtained on the basis of the colorimetric values and a plurality of amounts of print color material of black. The ranges of printable c ...

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When a required color image is to be output from a color image output device using an image input device for outputting color separation value signals corresponding to a read color image, if a change in image reproduction environment is detected by each of sensors provided to these devices, learning ...

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A pigment-dispersing agent obtained by polymerizing an addition-polymerizable monomer having an acidic functional group and other addition-polymerizable monomer in the presence of a polymerization initiator, the polymerization initiator being a diazotization product prepared by diazotizing at least ...

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An inkjet ink having sufficient water resistance on a recording sheet but having excellent re-solubility in an ink in a head portion and excellent ejection stability through a nozzle, the inkject ink comprising an aqueous liquid, a pigment and a water-soluble resin, the water-soluble resin being a t ...

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A process for the production of a .beta.-form copper phthalocyanine having a particle size of 0.005 to 0.2 .mu.m and an aspect ratio of 1 to 3, which comprises the following steps: